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Agree with wwwzzz,

be very particular and specific to questions related to your purpose and choice of school. Make sure all the facts you give lead back those. I do not like the fact that you need to do some translation for money. That is little money and the position/experience is not glorious. Only use the facts that can impress the VO and earn his/her respect.

Do not be too talktive. Be concise with questions that is not so relevant. Elaborate only on key questions.

Good luck

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first: why Umich? Your answer is TOO long!!! If I were you, I will say: it is the best offer I have. The shortest and the most reasonable one!! No one can challenge this reason!!

second, try to minimize the negative influence of the career gap between Nov. 2003- March. 2004.

Emphasize your excellence, rather than that of your parents! From the overall experience your wrote, I cannot figure out anything to approve your excellence. They want talented people even though it is not for research!!

Last, why MBA? For your career? Let me ask you what's your career for? For MONEY eventually! Tell them how much money you can make!! ( be sure to prepare some solid evidences)the SCM IS promising; however, it does not mean your career is promising! Focus on your promising future, because it is REASONABLE!! Let's suppose what you concern about is not money, why bother spend money to go to States? The only explaination is you want to immigrate!! Can you challenge me?

Be prepared and be confident! I know you will make it!!

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never give it up

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我的签经就根本不用说了,他一上来就说你去年在中国被据,今年跑到加拿大来签证,这么短的时间,你能干什么?然后我就解释,可我知道已经没戏了.然后他说了一个令我无法回答的理由:they don't believe you will go back to China even you've spent your entire life in there. why I belive you will come back to Canada after you just live here for several months?



我自己都无法相信,我5签拿到签证了。所以,飞雪MM, Never give up ya.

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恭喜你Know0588! 希望我也有你的运气,可以说说你采取了什么策略吗?
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恭喜你Know0588! 希望我也有你的运气,可以说说你采取了什么策略吗?


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kowmark 发表于 2004-6-16 23:06
以下是引用飞雪在2004-6-16 13:09:00的发言:首先,我要谢谢你对我的建议。但是也请你说话的时候稍微尊重一 ...

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