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GMAT考试将于2018年4月16日起进行优化调整 减少11个题 缩短30分钟 阅读文章4篇不变

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从2018年4月16日开始,GMAT考试将缩短30分钟,为考生提供更精简的体验,并减少考生对参加考试的焦虑。 新的考试的总时长从4小时缩短为3.5小时。

  • Quantitative部分,由37题75分钟,缩短至31题62分钟
  • Verbal部分,由41题75分钟,缩短至36题65分钟
  • AWA、IR两部分未作调整
  • 非考试部分的时间减少了7分钟,减少的部分包括考试使用说明、各部分的指引等等
  • 考试中间休息的时间不变
  改革前 改革后
部分 总题量 考试时长 每题用时 总题量 考试时长 每题用时
Quantitative 37题 75分钟 121.62秒 31题 62分钟 120.00秒
Verbal 41题 75分钟 109.76秒 36题 65分钟 108.33秒




  • Quant部分每题用时减少1.62秒,31个题一共减少50.27秒
  • Verbal部分每题用时减少1.42秒,36个题一共减少51.22秒



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Why is GMAC making this change?

GMAC is committed to continuously improving the GMAT exam experience for all test-takers. We are always looking for ways to help candidates build confidence and control, reduce anxiety, and streamline the test center experience in a way that continues to maintain the high quality and integrity of the GMAT exam.

Based on ongoing operational reviews of our systems and technology changes, we identified an opportunity to shorten the GMAT exam without impacting the way it is scored. We also received feedback from test-takers that they felt rushed through the tutorial screens at the test center prior to starting their GMAT exam, and so we reviewed and simplified much of the content on several non-exam screens, and have made the tutorial available in advance.

By shortening the two longer sections of the GMAT, combined with the availability of the tutorial information online, we want to create a better and friendlier testing experience that enables all GMAT test-takers to do their personal best on test day.

Will scoring be impacted by the shortened Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning sections?

No. The number of scored questions in each section, the average time per question, and the scoring algorithm will remain completely unchanged.

The Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning sections are being shortened by only reducing the number of unscored items. Unscored questions (sometimes referred to as “research or pre-test questions”) are used by GMAC as part of the question development process before they become scored GMAT questions. A number of unscored questions will still remain in each section so that we can continue to research and pre-test our exam questions and ensure their quality before counting them as scored questions.

I already have a GMAT exam scheduled. Should I reschedule it to take advantage of this new feature?

All GMAT exams delivered on April 16, 2018, or later (local time) will be in the new, shortened format. The decision to reschedule is up to you.

If you currently have a GMAT exam scheduled on or prior to May 6, 2018, and you would like to reschedule your GMAT exam as a result of this change, you can call GMAC Customer Service to reschedule your exam. Both the reschedule fee (depends on early or late reschedule) and phone fee ($10) will be waived if your request is received on or prior to April 11, 2018, and your exam is scheduled for on or prior to May 06, 2018. When you call, you must indicate that you are rescheduling as a result of the new shorter GMAT exam. Limit one free reschedule per candidate.

Exams scheduled after May 6, 2018, and requests received after April 11, 2018, will not be eligible for the reschedule fee waiver. If you do not qualify for the fee waiver, you may reschedule your GMAT exam online for the standard reschedule fee. Note that in all instances, GMAT exams cannot be cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours of the appointment time.

Should I modify my test preparation for my GMAT exam as a result of this change?

There are no changes to the questions formats or the content tested on the GMAT. The number of questions and section time has been reduced proportionally, so the average time per question in each section has not changed.

Depending on how you practice pacing for your exam, there should be minimal changes to your GMAT exam preparation as all exam content, average time per question, and scoring methodology will remain completely the same.

This change only impacts the length of the Quant and Verbal sections in the GMATPrep full-length practice exam. All other GMAT Official Prep materials remain unchanged.

GMAT Official Practice Exams reflecting the shortened Quantitative and Verbal section lengths will be released no later than April 30, 2018. Additional details and FAQs for the same will be provided prior to the release.

How will the shortened sections impact my Enhanced Score Report?

A few minor updates will be made to the Enhanced Score Report (ESR) in support of the shortened sections; these will be cosmetic updates that include text changes where we have removed references to any specific number of questions in each section. These updates will be applied to any ESRs ordered after April 16, 2018, regardless of the GMAT appointment date. For example, if you order an ESR on April 18 for a GMAT exam that was taken on January 15, you will still receive the new ESR format. The overall content and information included in the ESR will be unchanged.

How do I access the online tutorial?

The tutorial is available via and can also be accessed directly at The link is also provided in the reminder emails you receive from GMAC leading up to your scheduled exam.

What information will be included in the online tutorial?

The online tutorial will:

  • Introduce the general layout of important GMAT screens, including navigation, different question types, and ways to track your progress through the exam
  • Provide general information on the GMAT exam questions, break times, and test center rules
  • Provide an in-depth description of each exam section and question type
  • Review some of the screens and choices you will see at the test center, such as selecting the schools to send your initial score report, selecting your section order, and deciding to accept or cancel your GMAT score
  • Present the screen format that matches the real GMAT exam, to help test-takers become familiar with the look-and-feel of the testing screens

Is the online tutorial required prior to taking the GMAT exam?

The online tutorial is not required, but highly recommended, as it provides important information and reminders about the GMAT exam. It will also help you become accustomed to the screen layout and navigation prior to your exam.

While anyone can access the tutorial at any time, we recommend that you review the tutorial content at least one time within 3 days of your exam day, so the information is fresh in your mind.

How long will it take to complete the online tutorial?

There is no minimum or maximum time limit on the online tutorial – we recommend that you review it at your own pace, and as many times as you feel comfortable.

Will any tutorial information be shown at the test center prior to starting the GMAT exam?

Yes, you will still see a shortened and streamlined version of the tutorial at the test center, prior to beginning your GMAT exam. This will include some final reminders for navigation, test center rules, cheating violations, and what to do if you need help during your exam.

I have a disability that requires special testing accommodations. How are these impacted by the shortened sections?

The current testing accommodations will still be available for all test-takers that qualify. Please reach out to our Accommodations Department for additional information.

Who can I contact for further assistance?

If you have any additional questions, you may contact GMAC Customer Service at

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