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[逻辑小分队] 揽瓜阁 逻辑做题小分队Day160

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often in the nation's drinking water over the last 15 years, can damage human health?
Medical researcher: One of the causes of kidney stones is the crystallization of minerals in the kidneys. This occurs more easily when the body is dehydrated. Since dehydration is more common in hot weather, and since global warming continues to increase global temperatures, the worldwide incidence of kidney stones will probably increase substantially in coming decades.
Which of the following, if added as a premise to the medical researcher's argument, would most strengthen it?
A. Worldwide, the higher the incidence of kidney stones in different regions, the higher are the average temperatures in those regions.
B. Global warming will probably increase the worldwide incidence of a wide variety of health problems.
C. Some conditions other than dehydration can make minerals more likely to crystallize in the kidneys.
D. The release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere increases global warming.
E. In the past decade, the incidence of kidney stones has increased markedly in a few of the nations with the hottest climates, but not in any of those with the coolest.

Editorial: Three years ago, our city council voted to spend $15 million to construct a new sports stadium. But over $30 million has been spent, the stadium is still not complete, and in its present half-completed state, it has little or no value. Independent experts estimate that finishing it will cost another $20 million, for a total of over $50 million. Even the stadium’s most ardent supporters do not believe it will bring in enough revenue to justify $50 million in expenditures. Nonetheless, for the city it makes good financial sense to finish the project.
Which of the following, if true, provides the strongest justification for the editorial’s recommendation?
A. The costs associated with abandoning the building project are likely to be greater than $30 million.
B. The independent experts may have miscalculated the cost of completing the stadium.
C. Many of the city’s voters want the city to finish the stadium if it will cost less than $60 million.
D. Residents of the city might no longer regard city council as competent to decide on major projects if the stadium is not completed.
E. If the stadium is completed, the city will obtain some revenue from taxes collected on sales of tickets and refreshments.



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