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[就业出路] 分享各商学院 PhD Programs 就业出路及相关方面的信息,欢迎讨论!

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Happy0225 发表于 2022-10-1 04:30

ASU Finance Research Rankings are also good, if not better. However, the principal references would be the postings in this forum over the years (a vast amount of them) and program websites. Please expect to commit a reasonable amount of time to reviewing these.  
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Tripleg 发表于 2022-9-29 21:23
The University of Rhode Island program had not been included in the Placement Rankings based upon a ...

What do you think about the PhD program of these two universities: (1) Oregon State University; (2) University of Hawaii - Manoa?
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排名好有用!不过我还是有个问题:placement 分层是否和申请难度分层一致呢?恳请楼主解答一下申请各阶段的申请难度可以嘛~~
 楼主| 发表于 2022-10-9 08:56:15 | 显示全部楼层
yuhaoyang2001 发表于 2022-10-8 23:21
排名好有用!不过我还是有个问题:placement 分层是否和申请难度分层一致呢?恳请楼主解答一下申请各阶 ...

Thank you for your comment. 'Admission difficulty' would be an elusive proposition since it is really in the eye of the beholder. Therefore, rather than directly attacking your question, we plan to incorporate some disaggregate data within the Placement Rankings by taking a look at the individual concentrations of certain programs. This may be especially justified for the middle-ranking programs, the concentrations of each of which often vary widely in terms of placements and hence 'admission difficulty'.  
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Tripleg 发表于 5小时前
Thank you for your comment. 'Admission difficulty'...

thank you!
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The UConn program had had a glowing history of placements in the 2010s and earlier decades, with a sizable proportion at decent research schools. However, it is reported to have been going downhill in recent years. Therefore, in order to reflect its marked downward trend, we have now moved the program down to Tier 4 in the Placement Rankings.

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勒芒战将 发表于 2022-10-5 05:47
What do you think about the PhD program of these two universities: (1) Oregon State University; (2 ...

Thank you for bringing up these two programs, which are excluded from the Placement Rankings. This is by design. The Oregon State University program was only launched a few years ago and only has one concentration at present. Moreover, its future is predicted to be highly uncertain. The University of Hawaii program has traditionally more aligned with Asian programs than those in North America. More importantly, its placement record seems to have been consistently lackluster.   
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New Version of Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Learning in the Making

The Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Learning is highly influential as it concerns various parties at universities and colleges -- from presidents all the way down to individual faculty members -- in faculty workload appointionment and promotions as well as other matters. Also, for PhD applicants and those on the job market, these classifications often have a bearing on their decision making processes (indeed, they feature frequently in the discussions on this forum).

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and the American Council on Education have joined hands in revamping the Carnegie Classifications by exploring a more rational ranking methodology, and the new version or generations of Classifications is slated to be released in 2024, or more than a year from now. At that time, the Research 1 versus Research 2 dichotomy may no longer be relevant.  

The current Classifications can be found here: List of research universities in the United States - Wikipedia.

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The 50-100 ranking list is very much talked about amongst applicants, but it is poorly defined. Indeed, which schools or programs belong to the 50-100 bracket lies in the eye of the beholder, so to speak. Nevertheless, they roughly correspond to those in Tier 4 and Tier 5 plus a few in Tier 3 in our Placement Rankings table. Clearly, they range from upper-middle to middle- and to lower- ranking, which is generally tacitly understood by anyone referring to or making use of the 50-100 list.
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The Management Information Systems program ranking posting in the forum (at is frequently referred to by applicants in this concentration area. A quick glance at it shows that it is startlingly consistent with our Placement Rankings based on aggregate data. This serves as eloquent proof that the placement performance of a specific concentration, regardless of what it is, is generally positively correlated with the ranking of its home program. The higher the ranking of a program, the stronger the correlation. The implication of this statistical observation, though, is that the concentrations of a program that is middling or below often perform significantly unevenly. Therefore, we are contemplating reflecting this divergence or variance in the Placement Rankings by adding some information on the individual concentrations of a number of programs, particularly those that are mid-ranking.
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