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[学校信息] workshop in UC Berkeley : choosing the right professional school

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今天在berkeley参加了一个workshop,主题是choosing the right professional school,主持人是Eric Abrams, Diversity Directorfor Haas School Of Business, 就是Berkeley的商学院,我做了些笔记,心理斗争一下后,决定跟大家分享,可以看看美国人和美国的admissionoffice是怎么看问题的:

  1. Apply to academic schools? Make sure there are morethan one faculty in the area you want to study in.
  2. Apply for professional schools (law, business,medical)? Make sure it fits. For example, the atmosphere in the class. Cooperative?Aggressive? What do you like? How is the school?
  3. How to know if the school fits? 1.alumni orcurrent student; 2.visit
  4. How does admission committee work? Seq: 1. Scan yourtranscription; 2. Scan GT; 3. Scan PS,CV
  5. Transcription(not GPA) > GT. Admission officecan find stories in your transcription but not GPA or GT. For example, you didn'tdo well in 2nd year? Oh, your parent divorce. I see.
  6. Do you solve the problems other quit? Do youface challenge other avoid? Do you make a difference in your thing you care (thesame to MBA, do you make a difference in your workplace)? Write it down in PS,CV
  7. The workplace or the company doesn’t matter. Thepoint is: do you make a difference?
  8. Admission office only cares about 2 things: 1.Can you do the work/How do you contribute to the school? 2. Who are you/ Whythis school? 5,6,7 point to thing1; 9 – 12 point to thing2.
  9. Have lunch with your recommenders. Tell themyour story. Ask them to write you a strong and relative recommendation letter.
  10. The position of the recommender doesn't matter. Ifthe person knows you and tells how you are related to the program, it’s good.
  11. Essay: how the school helps you? If your essaycan work for 2 schools, rewrite it.
  12. Use things you like. Humor. Your personality. Whoare you?


  1. No working experience, no MBA schools. If youdon’t have working experience, you don’t have enough reasons to apply for MBA.Think about what people do in MBA.
  2. Send thank note after interview.
  3. What Business Schools want:
  4. Admissions Puzzle: Getting the Mix of B-SchoolStudents Right
  5. Studies show race-neutral college admissionscould work
  6. I read 3 ,4,6, and realize graduatedschools focus on DIVERSITY and WHO YOU ARE
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