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[逻辑小分队] 揽瓜阁 逻辑做题小分队Day163

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Spartina alterniflora, a grass native to salt marshes in eastern North America, was accidentally introduced into the continent's West Coast. Now S. alterniflora threatens to displace a closely related West Coast grass, Spartina foliosa. The invasion of an alien plant can sometimes be halted by introducing into the invaded area an insect that eats the invading species. Conservationists are considering this strategy as a way of combating further displacement of S. foliosa by S. alterniflora.
Determining which of the following would be most useful in assessing the strategy under consideration by the conservationists?
A. Whether any insects were accidentally introduced into the West Coast when S. alterniflora was accidentally introduced there
B. Whether S. alterniflora's displacement of S. foliosa is being hastened by insects that feed on S. foliosa but not on S. alterniflora
C. Whether S. alterniflora has ever been saved from the invasion of an alien species by the introduction of an insect
D. Whether there are insects that, if introduced into the invaded area, would eat only S. alterniflora
E. Whether, if the strategy under consideration were to halt the displacement of S, foliosa by S. alterniflora, S. foliosa would regain the territory it has already lost

Real estate agent: Over the past decade, our region’s population has increased over 10 percent, and so have inflation-adjusted sales prices of local homes. Demographers project that the population will rise even more rapidly over the coming decade. Population growth increases demand for homes, and home prices rise when demand rises relative to supply. Thus, housing prices over the next decade will probably also keep rising at least as rapidly as they have been.
Which of the following is an assumption the real estate agent’s argument requires?
A. Over the coming decade, the supply of homes in the region will not increase at a significantly greater rate than the demand for homes there.
B. Other things being equal, rising home prices tend to slow regional population growth.
C. Demographers have projected that the regional population growth will cause a proportional increase in inflation-adjusted sales prices of local homes.
D. Even if the regional population does not rise over the coming decade, local housing prices will probably continue to rise.
E. Rising priced for a product during one decade usually, if not always, indicate that prices for that product will continue to rise during the next decade.



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