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[就业出路] 【招聘】中欧国际工商学院 CEIBS 全职研究助理

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Position: Research Fellow(Associate)/Center Manager
Report to: CFH Director
Dept.: CEIBS Center For Family Heritage (CFH)
Location: Shanghai

Major Responsibilities:
1) Conduct research on Succession and leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation in Family Firms and STEP project, (particularly on using data analyzing techiques/methods to solve practical problems), under the supervision of professors;
2) Conduct research for other Center faculties if needed;
3) Cooperate with center colleagues to develop cases and written materials;
4) Assistin center operation, e.g. hold forums, meetings and workshops;  
5) Daily work includes analyze data, develop papers and cases, interview companies, develop presentation materials, develop other written materials.

Basic Requirements:
1) Master degree;
2) Excellent data analyzing skill;
3) Excellent written skill;
4) Excellent communication skill and teamwork spirit;
5) Fluency in oral and written English;
6) Be able to conduct qualitative research (case studies, interviews, content analysis) and quantitative research;
7) Be proficient in WORD, PowerPoint and Excel;
8) Degree in management/business is preferred;
9) Capability on big data analysis is highly preferred;
10) Working experience in business and management is highly preferred.

Application materials:
1. Resume
2. Personal statement (e.g., introducing yourself and describing your career goals).

Applicants should email their resumeand personal statement to Amy Zhou:
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