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分享各商学院 PhD Program 就业出路方面的相关信息,欢迎讨论!

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jurawls 发表于 2020-1-10 07:04

The benefits and advantages of attending a top or "quasi" top school can never be overstated.
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王大发开宝马 发表于 2020-1-8 22:36
这种问题自己去官网看看/写email问问在读phd/写email问一下phd program coordinator,都比在这里问lz强多 ...

Many thanks.
That's right, it is often necessary to obtain "insider information" about a program because what is posted on its website may not always be complete or accurate (it has been reported that this is commonly the case for non-top programs) .
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At this point, the application deadlines at top schools (encompassing Tier 1 and Tier 2) have, by and large, passed, and those at Tier 3 schools will pass soon. Best of luck to everyone!
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One posting just mentioned University of Georgia. The PhD Program at UG belongs to Tier 3 in our placement rankings and so is fairly good. It is rising visibly with increasing support in both funding and advising. Also, the idyllic setting of Athens is ideal for research. Wish everyone who has applied to this school good luck.
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Research Interests: Top Schools, 即 Placement Rankings 中的 Tier 1和 Tier 2,Fit 问题基本上是不存在的,这一点已经说过,因为这类学校师资阵容强大,名人众多,研究领域广阔,作为学生你可以尽管选择自己最感兴趣的研究方向。Tier 3 学校,可能偶尔会有 Fit Issue,你最感兴趣的研究方向可能不在教授的研究范围之内,但一般情况下这不是大问题。

Funding:严格说这和Fit本身无关。我们已经多次强调,只要是正规的全日制项目都会提供资助,而且学校排名越高资助金额越丰厚。记得以前有帖子讨论有极其个别的项目没有资助 ,如果确实存在,需要极其谨慎。

最后,一句话,请大家尽最大可能去Tier 1, Tier 2 学校或至少是 Tier 3 读 PhD, 以确保有个好一点的出路,否则难以保证。
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