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[校友答疑] 是美国top15,insead还是回国读中欧长江

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回国现在 找一个好的机会占住位置  比什么人脉都有用
1 现在MBA太多了 海龟也太多了  stanford mba在北京的都一大把
2 现在国内日新月异  找一个好的机会 有本事的话 比什么都强
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MBA对毕业后第一个JOB最好用  再往后,完全就是靠前一个JOB的机遇  因为MBA实在太多  选那个能 带来第一份工作的地方去读最实惠      想船创业的,都无所谓
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JonFrank 发表于 2017-4-13 16:43
Hey there!
You ask excellent questions. I think with your profile you should be able to aim for S16  ...

Thank you Jon for the reply!

A follow up question regarding the school difference. There are many comments about how important is the location of a business school (e.g. school in NYC got way more exposure than the school out of no where. Or school in Asia can get you much more opportunities in Asia). How do you look at this comments?

Especially there are some China school like CKGSB or CEIBS who really understand China business. I have been living outside of China since Teenagers time, does it make sense to prioritize more on the China connections which can be provided by the schools?

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yanh0004 发表于 2017-4-17 09:27
Thank you Jon for the reply!

A follow up question regarding the school difference. There are man ...

Hey there,
I think there’s no one true answer here. Because people do get good jobs from programs in Asia or China. What I CAN say though is that even in China, the prestige of Top 10 US programs is still much higher than the China programs. So, if you are comparing going to HBS to going to CEIBS, the choice is obvious, and for a thousand reasons. Does that mean that CEIBS is not a great school? not at all! And does that mean that some CEIBS students won’t do better because they had made better China contacts? Also not!

Again, I don’t think you have to limit your options, but come up with a strategy. So for example, you can decide “I will apply to 3 schools in the Top 10, 2 in the Top 20, INSEAD and two China-based schools). And then you would make your decision based on your acceptances, your scholarship offers, your known opportunities, etc.

I hope that this all makes sense,
Jon Frank
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所以基本上排除了北美的top business school,HWS这三所,以NUS的本科学历+GMAT750+GE/P&G的管培(猜你可能是P&G?),只能说还是有冲击的希望的,但是并不能确保。
INSEAD是我的第一选择,因为它对于亚太一贯重视,而且近两年排名飚的吓人。不过被waitlist了。从学校知名度的角度来说,INSEAD在国内不如HWS但是基本在赶超其他M7.如果你目标consulting的话INSEAD above all。
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