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Business Consultant: Some corporations shun the use of executive titles because they
fear that the use of titles indicating position in the corporation tends to inhibit communication up and down the corporate hierarchy. Since an executive who uses a
title is treated with more respect by outsiders, however, use of a title can facilitate an executive’s dealings with external businesses. The obvious compromise is for these 24 executives to use their corporate titles externally but not internally, since even if it is widely known that the corporation’s executives use executive titles outside their organization, this knowledge does not by itself inhibit communication within the corporation.

In the consultant’s reasoning, the two portions in boldface play which of the following roles?

A. The first presents an obstacle to achieving a certain goal; the second presents a
reason for considering that goal to be undesirable.

B. The first is a consideration that has led to the adoption of a certain strategy; the
second presents a reason against adopting that strategy.

C. The first describes a concern that the consultant dismisses as insignificant; the
second is a consideration that serves as the basis for that dismissal.

D. The first is a belief for which the consultant offers support; the second is part of
that support.

E. The first is a belief against which evidence is offered; the second is part of the
evidence offered against that belief.

我选B, 请讨论

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Thanks a lot!

Sure! I cannot agree more with your answer...
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这是逻辑吗?这个说法类似什么大众学说或者什么专家意见, 驳回.
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小安的9道题中没有这道题. 刚看了小安的9道题, 可是没有答案, 有点美中不足. Sigh...

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