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[原创]严重庆祝诺曼底登陆成功60周年暨Valentine 第4 次签证成功!

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[原创]严重庆祝诺曼底登陆成功60周年暨Valentine 第4 次签证成功!



V Why u were rejected last year?

Me: The VO last year told me that it was too expensive for me. But I have more funding this year.

V what is ur salary now?

ME:  XXX RMB / year

V what was ur salary last year?

Me: ABC RMB / year

V: Then how much it means for one month?

M: XX RMB / year

V: But our records show that u had only X a month. (去年无意只把基本工资告诉VO 了,现在连我都忘了,却没想到VO 竟然有记录,后面的XDJM一定要注意了!如果被认为说谎,就永远去不了美国了!)

当时Valentine 我有一种无名的悲哀在心中油然而生,已预感到Vo已不信任我了,interview 可才刚刚开始啊!


M: That is IMPOSSIBLE!  U can check my salary slips.  I did have XX for one month last year. (我把最近两年的工资单都递了进去,VO一页一页的翻看,看得很仔细,)


M:我有晕菜了,我从来没有算过,硬着头皮说 XX for one month.

V: That is impossible.  U do have XX for the recent months, but six months ago, u only had X for one month.  How can you save XX for one month? (够狠!处处抓我的破绽!)

M: When I said I save XX for one month, I mean the averageI have bank statements, do you want to have a look?

VNod. 我递进A银行近2年的对账单,VO从第一页翻到最后一页,下结论/There is not much saving here. (言外之意还是不信我的高工资和高储蓄率)

MThat is only part of my saving.  Here are the rest. 我又递进去2 B 银行的存折。

V2 B 银行的存折从第一页翻到最后一页,查看每一条存款取款记录。




MYes I an XXX manager.

V: do you have proof?

M: show him my business card and staff card.

V: u work here for two years.

M: Yes, before that I once worked for A com and B com.

V: what is your future salary after graduation?

M: The range is from XXX to XXX according to C com.

V: what is ur plan in the future?

M: I want to become a partner at the top consulting firm Chinese branch, such as C com.  In fact, C com shows great interest in me.  

V: Since u have already have a good job at XXX why need the MBA and join C com?

M: because I can become even more successful in career.  My current work is focus on XXX.  But I want to do sth XXX, such as.  I can create more value for my clients and gain more career satisfaction.  In addition, …(被打断)

VI get your points. Go to Window 10 to get ur VISA.

M: Thank you! (当时脑子已经完全木了,跟本不敢相信我还能得到VISA, 随时准备听到那熟悉的I am sorry.  According to the American law, … 然而却没有听到,等到的是我陌生却期盼已久的Window 10!)

感想:除了要注意资金问题,我别无要提醒大家的。回想我今天随时都有可能被拒,但VO 对我实在是太好了,竟然处处为我放绿灯。我能过不时典型,运气占至少70%。此外本人信奉基督教(不时很严格以一上的那种),前不久在佛祖寿诞之日又很虔诚的祝贺佛祖的诞辰。不知是否有帮助.


鱼:U r my god! It is u who gave me so much confidence and courage and bulks of good luck!  I am longing for meeting u in America!  

LM, and Angi:  U two reminded me so many important questions, all of which were used by VO in my interview.  Amazing!  I sincerely wish LM can pass smoothly and Angi can land an excellent job in next year!

Edward and Eva:  u two are also my best pals!  Remember we worked together at starbucks and the meeting room? I sincerely wish Edward’s daughter would become the most pretty one in the world. And Eva can get her VISA this summer.

Many others, I cannot wrtite all names here.  I will write a personal mail to them.

If any of CDers needs help, please do not hesitate to send short messages to me or drop me a line to valentiney2002[在]  

My pleasure to help others!

Wish all of us good luck in USA!

God bless us!


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Glad that I can send my congratulations to you at first place! You've been doing great job helping other CDers during the application process.

Hope to see you some day in U.S. God bless you!

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Valentine:作为你昔日的同事,过去一年的战友 : )P 我真的很为你感到高兴!


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