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first, reading.
there is a good way to improve reading
and try to practice hard on the second round review
you can get a framework of rc
and then you will hardly do wrong on some question types
and then again
the third round review will help you to practice what  you learned from the second round
do not ignore this round
because when i finally take test, i have no tip for any question types.
the tips i summarized are all translated into a feeling
no tip at all
i can easily correctly choose the answer according to my feelings
you have to practice to get those tips all translated into a habit
before you practice, try to think why those answers are wrong?
is there anything common in the wrong answers
and in the right answers?
try to comprehend what is "related" and what is "unrelated"
do not easily judge
what is "related" and what is "unrelated" information (choice),that is a very important rule
to quickly rule out some wrong choices
and the next is
what is conform to the author'
what is conform to the author's attitude and what is not (also choices)
if you see
try to read the passage again for the attitude info
this is a great rule to rule out some wrong choices
and i can tell you that, i did all the rc infer question without relocate
because i can easily rule out wrong answers
memorize the pattern, and try to practice. without practice, you can get nothing
But it is the goal
you should do something before hand
first, catagorize all the rc questions
you should guarantee 100% right on "main idea" type
try to collect all detail questions
i mean those with line number or key words
try to get these right answer back to the passage.
you will  see some question rules
I do not want to tell you because you can get the rules by yourself
if i tell you the detailed rule, you will not suttlly get what i mean
then, collect the "structure type",and promise youself you can do 90% right or higher
it is just easy like "main idea and attitude" thing
do you know why you should get question types apart?
first, you can get suttle feelings about how to make a question
second, you can get info about how to prepare to do those questions when you are reading the passage
it is very important to get the question right
you will see when you finished summarizing, you can easily tell that " oh, i think ets will make a question in here" when you are reading the passage
when you know there is a structure type questions, you will think following questions when reading
1. why the author write this para
2. what he want to tell us
3. is there any change in attitude
4. what is the function of the detail in this para
5. what may be the relation between this para and the whole passage
that is very important!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anchoret says:
not everyone do that when reading
so they have to relocate info
and it cost precious time
you should analyze the question
like "what can i get the answer when i read"
it is equal to "what part of passage i should read carefully when i read"
i get all passages reread
and underlined what part  is the key to question.
i mean on the passage
using fluerecent pen
it is very clear.
it is just the first step
the second step:
try to get all infer question collected
try to contrast the answer and the original text
and !!!!!!!!! try to get what is wrong about the wrong questions
why they all wrong
do not stop on why they are all wrong when you can get some feeling like "too extreme"
you should think hard on how to quickly rule out some of them
that is the "related/unrelated" stuff
and the "attitude" stuff
which i mentioned above
the infer questions are very important if you want to get higher scores such as 730+
the second round is not finished yet
you should catagorize on subject matter
you will see that what the "science" passages want to test you on.
The most important is "the whole logic relation between facts and stuffs"
you have to get the logic relation between A,B,C,D...
A lead to B, C can restrain A. D can restrain B
you must quickly realized that both C and D can restrain B
only A can lead to B
you only should memorize the "either lead to or restrain" relationships between things
do not get it more complicated
you will confused if you do not memorize or memorize too much
so just lead to or restrain
just support or do not support
that is enough for quickly ruling out most confusing wrong answers without relocating
when you get
文科 passages, pay more attention on 列举, that is
when you get economic and management passages, pay more attention to the logic
推理顺序and support/unsupport relationship
you can easily get the feeling if you summarize
and can get detailed feelings
so. it is over for the second round
what you should do on the third round ?
1. try to directly get all the answers from passage because you are famaliar with the passages. Do not see the questions
try to get what may be a question here
2. when you finished reading, try to write the frame in chinese (or english) in a paper. it is quite like to write down jijing.
do not read questions

do not read the passage when you write the frame
why you have to do this?
to know what you have forgotten and the capacity of your memorization.
and you can improve in the next passage
every para, five questions and what may be the key point for questions
and finally you will improve on the ability to memorize more of the passage framework
the more and the clear you can memorize the frame of the passage, the less time you have to spend on questions
practice in this round and try to get all your tips  summarized into reading
you cannot tell clear rules finally
and you have get the all steps
on the third round, try to answer the questions after finish the writing. why? try to practice "related/unrelated" and "conform or not conform to the attitude" rule
this is all i know about rc review
and try to practice more passages in one day on the second round.
the more you can get in one day, the stronger you feel about rc
three days for all og passages.

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first, reading.there is a good way to improve readingand try to practice hard on the second round re ...

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