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[学校信息] 打算申请McGill MBA的小伙伴欢迎提问

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LZ 2019年12月份拿到McGill MBA的offer,受疫情影响,从2020年8月份开始上Zoom University 开学后一直很忙,fall term从8月份持续到12月份,中间几乎没有休息,压力和疲惫的历练都熬过来了。这学期课业压力相对小一点,但大家也在忙着找实习和工作。今天举办活动时一个同学提到秋季入学的新生会比我们这届多不少,想起之前也在论坛得到过帮助,所以来回馈大家。欢迎大家提问。

some background info:
Before starting the MBA program,LZ 有近8年的工作经验,2019年9月份开始备战申请,原来的目标是MIT的一个硕士学位,后因种种原因转战加拿大的MBA。只申请了两所学校,都拿到offer, 最后决定去McGill. 经过一个学期的体验,整体感觉不错。下学期恢复in-person class, 希望有更好的体验。

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Admissions criteria and decisions are based on the following components:

→ 2 years minimum of relevant full-time post-graduate work experience.

→ Transcripts from undergraduate and other graduate degrees

→ Completion of the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).  

→ In addition, applicants who completed their undergrad degree in a university where the language of instruction was not in English are required to complete the TOEFL or IELTS.

→ The admissions committee will also carefully review your essays, extracurricular interests and letters of reference.

Only qualified applicants will be called for an interview with a member of the admission team.

If you have any questions about the requirements above, please feel free to email
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