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今早INSEAD R2 DDL 结束了,昨晚有多少小伙伴在开夜车?!是不是想着终于可以Break下了?NoNoNo,还没到喘息的时候,48小时之内,你还要完成 Video Interview。刺不刺激!面经整理了没?面试准备了没??就问你慌不慌!

贴心的小编又来送爱心啦~ 为即将面试的同学们整理了ChaseDream论坛上小伙伴们分享过的面经。如果你来不及对面试问题面面俱到,那么看这篇就够了;如果你希望千锤百炼,那么可以打开隐藏,下载史上最全的INSEAD VIDEO INTERVIEW 面经。

  • Why INSEAD
  • Communicationin diverse cultural
  • Leadership/ Social Responsibility
  • Achievement,Failure
  • Teamwork:conflict, manage-up

2021J Video Interview Questions【最新出炉】:
1.    Team里有倾向于dominate discussion的,你怎么做
2.    讲一个interesting的项目;
3.    你参与的diversity的活动;
4.    你承担的social responsibility的活动

5.    What if a team member always try todominate the conversation and always stick to his own opinion, what will you do?
6.    How to measure your Instead study to be asuccessful choice?
7.    How did you handle your bias?
8.    Any involvement or leadership experience inthe social responsibility part?


2020 题库:
1.      What are the most important values and ethicsthat you demonstrate as a leader? Give me an example of this in practice?
2.      In one minute tell me how INSEAD fits intoyour career plan?
3.      Tell me about a time when you had to speakwith someone that had an accent or couldn’t speak the same language as you. Howdid you adapt?
4.      Describe a time when you got a negativefeedback from a manager or professor. How did it make you feel?  

5.      How do you lead your colleagues to deal withchanged business priorities?
6.      What challenging goals have you set foryourself in your career?
7.      Please tell me about an experience that youwere positively impacted by communicating with individuals in differentculture.
8.      What are the important factors do you thinkto start a new business and run it?
1.      three takeaways in a project that helps you succeed
2.      What are you interested in?
3.      You're sitting at a table as the only foreignerwith a group of people talking in their own language. What would you do?
4.      How would you deal with situation when yourbest friend was working in the same team with you and got a conflict with you?
1.      Please tell me about an experience where youled a team that consisted of a group of very different individuals. What didyou do to lead the team to accomplish the objective, and what was the outcome?
2.      a business figure you admire.
3.      a company that you admire.
4.      three factors you attribute to your success.

5.      Describe a situation where non-verbal cues havehelped clarify a complicated situation.
6.      When you graduated from INSEAD, what makes you thinkit was a successful year?
7.      how you broke the bias and promoted inclusion.
8.      Describe a time when you thought you hadsuccessfully completed the task but your supervisor disagreed with you. How didyou deal with it?
9.      How will INSEAD help you in your career development?
10.   fight against stereotype and promote sensitivity and inclusion
11.   How did you approach people in your team who wasn’t contributingas much as they should?
12.   achievement/failure
13.   The most important element of a successful business

2017 题库:

1. Describe the actions and behaviors of a manager or supervisor that you have responded effectively.
2. If you are given unlimited resources, what services or product will you company provide?
3. How do you fight against stereotypes and include sensitivity?
4. How Insead would help you to achieve your career goal?

5. what kind of skills you want to learn at INSEAD
6. what are the most important factors of a successful business
7. tell me you were caught off guard in the different culture
8. how do you lead your colleagues to deal with changed business priorities?

2016 题库:

1. Why do you want to apply for Insead?
2. What are you expecting to learn during INSEAD MBA?
3. How your colleagues would describe your leadership style? Give an example.
4. How would you fight stereotypes in a work environment?
5. You are starting a new project with team members coming from different cultures and educational background. How would you make them meet?
6. What do you do when someone comes to you with a problem?
7. What was the most interesting project you have worked on? Why was it interesting to you?
8. How do you keep track of your vision? Or that of your company?
9. What according to you is required to start a successful business and then to run it?
10. Describe one situation where you faced ethical dilemma? How did you resolve? What factors did you consider while resolving it?
11. What is diversity according to you?
12. What is your management style?
13. How did you build your international experience?
14. What is leadership according to you?
15. What is entrepreneurship according to you?
16. Describe a cultural shock that you have encountered?
17. How do you manage teams?
18. What is your vision?


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