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早上刚做完video interview了,遇到了4个问题,和大家分享一下:
1-Team里有倾向于dominate discussion的,你怎么做
2- 讲一个interesting的项目;
3- 你参与的diversity的活动;
4- 你承担的social responsibility的活动

另附收集到的之前的一些问题list如下,感觉不会超过这些问题了,其实总结一下无非是why MBA/ WHY INSEAD/ Diversity/ Social responsibility/ achievement/ failure/ conflict之类的常见的问题,准备好自己就好,祝福大家能有好的表现!

1你的公司的business  priority现在变了,你如何让你的队友,同事去适应新的goal?
3你认为对start a new business and run  it的重要factor有哪些?
4What are the most important  values and ethics that you demonstrate as a leader? Give me an example of  this in practice?
5In one minute tell me how INSEAD  fits into your career plan?
6Tell me about a time when you  had to speak with someone that had an accent or couldn’t speak the same  language as you. How did you adapt?
7Describe a time when you got a  negative feedback from a manager or professor. How did it make you feel?
14What to expect from future  employer?
15Expect from colleagues.
16你和最好的朋友在同一个 team 里,有了矛盾怎么办?
20If you classmate has issue  adapting to a new environment, how do you help him?
21How do you measure success, and  how do you achieved that?
22Do you believe a company should  aim to maximizeshareholder value, and is there anything additional they  should care?
23describe a situation where you  failed, how did this expereince impact your relationship with others?
24Who inspires you and why?
25Describe the achievement of  which you are most proud and explain why.
26Name a figure from the business  world you admire and explain why?
27What are the top three factors  you would attribute to your success?
28Name a company you admire and  why?
29If you are given unlimited  resources, what services or product will you company provide?
30Why do you want to apply for  Insead?
31What are you expecting to learn  during INSEAD MBA?
32How your colleagues would  describe you leadership style? Give an example.
33What do you do when someone  comes to you with a problem?
34What was the most interesting  project you have worked on? Why was it interesting to you?
35What is leadership according to  you?
36In one minute tell me how INSEAD  fits into your career plan?
37Explain what you would do to  gain respect as a new manager.
38Encounter with different people  (diversity question) and how did it effect you.
39How would you approach a team  member that is not putting his share of work towards the goal?
40What makes you can good  candidate for the INSEAD MBA program?
41What do you think of the  sentence “in Rome, act like a Roman” and why?
42Tell us about a manager you  looked up to – what were the qualities you liked?
43A colleague is asking you to  help him/her to assess his/her future career options. How do you help him/her  grow?
44How would you define success for  your career?
45Please explain why and how  networking will help you in a start-up situation?
46Give an example of a stressful  situation you did not handle well at work. What did you learn?
47How do you fight against  stereotyes and include sensitivity?
48You are starting a new project  with team members coming from different cultures and educational background.  How would you make them meet?
49How do you keep track of your  vision? Or that of your company?
50What according to you is  required to start a successful business and then to run it?
51What is diversity according to  you?
52What is entrepreneurship  according to you?
53Describe a cultural shock that  you have encountered? 不同文化的人交流时被positively impacted
54what is your leadership style?
55What if a team member always try  to dominate the conversation and always stick to his own opinion, what will  you do?
56Tell me about an experience  living, travelling, studying or working abroad. What was this experience like  for you?
58Describe a situation where  non-verbal cues have helped clarify a complicated situation
59Describe a time when  understanding someone else’s perspective helped you understand him/her  better.
60Are you aware of your own bias,  and how do you deal with that?
61How do you promote sensitivity  and inclusion in the workplace?
62Describe the actions and  behaviours of a manager or supervisor that you have responded effectively.

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只有四个问题吗? 那全程岂不是不到十分钟?
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chenliquan0616 发表于 2020-5-20 19:01
只有四个问题吗? 那全程岂不是不到十分钟?

只计算回答的话 那也就是4min   
算上前后设置以及中间停顿的话  十几二十分钟应该够了
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