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老同学求定位:已有2个ms,十年前t109 g750,top券商在职分析师

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【标准化考试】10年前考的GT,托CD的福,T109 G750,但obviously都已过期
【学位】国内本,美中某大公立finance, statistic 两个MS
【GPA】国内本3/4,两个MS都是 3-3.5/4区间


1. 如果目标M7,是否有希望。如有,短板是啥。如无,该如何定目标
2. 我的理解是T应该可以waive(靠两个ms),G是否有可能waive?

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想问楼主当时在美国读完master有没有申请OPT? 申请过的话好像第二硕士就没有OPT用了 最近在纠结这个问题。。
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LZ年纪得考虑进去,如果读了两个MS的话。。。一般超过28+申请的话,年纪对于top program来说会是一个劣势
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I'm sorry to say that you will need to take the TOEFL and GMAT over again. I'm sure that's a bummer given the time that you already put into these exams, but you are indeed outside of the window for the score useability. Taking the TOEFL again may help you, though, since your former scoreof 109 is right at the bare minimum for most schools (many, including HBS, explicily discourage candidates from applying if they score lower than 109). If you can keep your 750 GMAT score and raise your 109 TOEFL score a bit, and assuming expertly-executed strategic positioning in your essays, I think G7 *may* be in reach. I'd need to know more about your background, including your age and work history, to know for sure though. In general age over 28 in negatively correlated with acceptance for G7 schools. You don't say your age or years of work experience here, but given that your GMAT is 10 years old and your two masters degrees, I'm concerned that you may be on the older side. As I'm sure you already know, trading can be a bit tricky, too, the benefit for MBA is likely less than other areas of financial services (are you seeking an MBA to transition out of trading, though? Perhaps to IB M&A or something?)

We'll need to craft a good explanation about why you'd need a third masters (I'll admit, there are very few candidates I've seen who already have two masters degrees and are seeking a third... we want to make sure we position you so you don't look like you're just collecting degrees). This could potentially still be workable, and we do help candidates over 30 successfully apply to G7 schools every year, but generally we need to factor this into school choice and strategy (how to position you as a *leader* with managerial experience that other *younger* applicants won't necessarily have). I'm not totally sure about your question re 2 MS, but I'd look for TOEFL requirements on a school-by-school basis. Most schools do require the TOEFL or IELTS and have outined minimums for international students.

Good luck,
Raj Patil
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RajPatil_Brown 发表于 2020-1-20 13:44
I'm sorry to say that you will need to take the TOEFL and GMAT over again. I'm sure that's a bummer  ...

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