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[梦之队日记] GMAT Diary

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2019.08 -- Decided to take GMAT
2019.11 -- 1st mock (prep1) 710
2019.12 -- Prepared for the exam
2020.01 -- 1st try (ShangHai) 640 (v25)

I took 1st GMAT on 7th Jan and lost all my hopes that day. But who cares?
Brave is the self-help weapon. So never give up, move on!

1. Don't take any chances!
2. Keep a good mindset!
3. Make a plan and adapt!
4. Figure out the key points of GMAT. Keep in mind: GMAT is an exam evaluating your competence.
5. Take the exam when you feel you can!

In order to motivate me to keep moving, and if possible, find someone who also wanna beat GMAT, I plan to take the notes.
Try hard and believe I will get 720+ in the 2nd try.
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Focus on SC in the next few days.

SC first-round plans
  • OG SC Introduction
  • Manhattan SC
  • 1st OG practice (according to Manhattan problem sets)
  • 1st OG summary

(I will update my plan after I finish the first-round study)
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Oops! Can't paste here. I would like to take notes via WORD. So updated notes in .docx form will be uploaded later.
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SC notes (OG part)


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Make some modifications in SC notes (OG).
Manhattan SC guide is very useful! I love chapter 1.


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 楼主| 发表于 2020-1-17 22:55:57 | 显示全部楼层
Manhattan SC chapter 2 done
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