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楼主学渣  背景北美50本科 7年工作经验
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DreamSchool 沃顿。
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S16肯定没问题,要评价HSW或者M7有没有问题的话,得多提供点信息啊兄弟,工作内容,成就,leadership experience, extracurricular activities等等。
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Hey there,
You seem to have a differentiated profile for a Chinese applicant - international experience, diversified work experience that trends more entreprenuerial, and potential buy-side credentials that top schools like. If you studied in the U.S., your language ability may also outshine some of your peers which will be an advantage. I'm concerned about your GMAT score, though. A 690 score isn't bad in any objective sense, but it is likely several standard deviations away from Wharton's mean. To make matters worse, the mean GMAT for overrepresented demos like yours is even higher, making your score look a bit lower in comparison. With the right strategic positioning (compelling, ambitious and achivable short and long term goals based on your prior experience, cool extracurricular involvement that demonstrates how you will be an active member of the business school community as a student and an alum, and flawlessly written essas which show rather than tell), I think that you could have a shot at some strong programs, but Wharton , Harvard and Stanford would be a "reach" for you. Still, there's certainly no harm in applying -- you miss all the shots you don't take!

Good luck,
Raj Patil
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