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[信息分享] Georgia State University - CEPRIN/Dr. Arun Rai MIS方向 Fall 2020 招生贴(2020年1月8日截止)

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GSU CEPRIN Ph.D. Program Admissions Open for Fall 2020 Application!

The Center for Process Innovation (CEPRIN) (to be renamed the Center for Digital Innovation in Spring 2020) at the Robinson College of Business in Georgia State University invites Ph.D. applicants interested in the interdisciplinary study of digital innovation to address business and societal problems. Students from the CEPRIN program receive a Ph.D. in Business Administration with a major in Information Systems.

CEPRIN follows an active-mentoring model, where a student works closely with his/her primary supervisor to design a customized program of study and develop their research from early in the program. For this admission cycle, we are seeking applicants to work with Dr. Arun Rai (CEPRIN Director, Regents’ Professor) as the primary supervisor, along with other CEPRIN faculty and research associates.  You can learn more about Dr. Rai’s work at and publications at  
To learn about Dr. Rai’s former Ph.D. students and their work, please see: Recent graduates have accepted faculty positions at leading research universities such as Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Virginia Tech, Arizona State University, and University of Cincinnati.

Distinctive Aspects:
  • Customized program of study
  • Close mentoring from highly experienced faculty on courses, research, and professional development
  • Grounding in interdisciplinary theoretical perspectives on information systems and digital innovation
  • Intensive training in formulating research problems, theory development, and research design
  • Rigorous training in complementary research methods: Computational Data Science, Econometrics, Psychometrics, Experimental Design, Qualitative Methods
  • Opportunities to take courses across colleges at Georgia State University and at neighboring universities including Emory, Georgia Tech, and University of Georgia
  • Working with distinguished researchers at the Robinson College of Business
  • Stipends and Scholarships: a full tuition waiver, a competitive yearly stipend awarded in the form of research assistantship, and support for professional development

For information about the application process, please visit:

For more details about the CEPRIN program, please see:

For fullest consideration, the application and all required materials should be submitted by January 8, 2020.

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JJJooe 发表于 2019-12-3 06:35

赞成! Georgia State University 虽不是顶尖名校,但毕业出路很不错,可以去 Texas Christian University 这一级别的 Research School,Performance 再出色的话甚至 TAMU 这一级别的。
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Tripleg 发表于 2019-12-3 10:13
赞成! Georgia State University 虽不是顶尖名校,但毕业出路很不错,可以去 Texas Christian University ...

最近几届毕业的师兄师姐去了HKUST, Virginia Tech, Arizona State University, University of Cincinnati这些学校,placement比较稳定。
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话说,在今年德国慕尼黑的ICIS,我们GSU reception将于周一晚上8点至10点在Novotel - Restaurant举行。
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帮Joe哥顶一下。顺便想问一下Joe哥,推荐人那里industry该如何填,如果推荐人是经济学教授,应该选 education and training 还是 business and management啊
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糖醋里脊加玉米 发表于 2019-12-24 11:27
帮Joe哥顶一下。顺便想问一下Joe哥,推荐人那里industry该如何填,如果推荐人是经济学教授,应该选 educati ...

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JJJooe 发表于 2019-12-24 14:24

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糖醋里脊加玉米 发表于 2019-12-24 19:25

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