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【兼职】中欧国际工商学院 CEIBS 兼职研究助理(药/医学)

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中欧国际工商学院 CEIBS 招聘兼职研究助理
CEIBS Part-time Job Opening

Position: Research Assistant
Department: Dean’s Office
Location: Shanghai

Job Responsibilities:
1. Collecting and consolidating relevant markets’  information such as industry status quo and megatrend, mining for industry innovation opportunities;
2. Manage project progress with closely follow-up and timely feedback, form and improve project process;
3. Cross-functionaland cross-departmental communication, resources allocation, result in with a final feasibility plan and moving for further execution;
4. Develop project plan, define the scope and requirements, resources, task scheduling, risks & changes management, and cost control during the whole project implementation;
5. Coordinate and collaborate with project stake holders, internal and external teams to ensure implementation and finalization of the project;
6. Implementation of project to ensure the result;
7. Writing of research proposals, data analysis, reports, and papers;
8. Organize events, workshops, training, forums, conferences etc;
9. Supporting other tasks assigned by Professor and research fellow.

Job Requirements:
1. Bachelor degree required, advanced education a plus/major in pharmaceutical or medical;
2. 5years of experience in healthcare market research, business model innovation research, strategic planning, experience in project management will be a plus;
3. Good at English and Chinese, excellent written, verbal and presentation skills;
4. Innovative, strategic thinker, good time management and learning ability;
5. Strong and proven project management, organizational, and analytical skills;
6. Analyzing industry trends, e.g. market, industries and services, provide reviews, intelligence and recommendations;
7. Demonstrable creativity, collaborative approach.

Employment Period:
From 2019.05 to 2020.05

Working Hours:
At least 8 hours / 1 days on campus working per week
In addition, remote work is accepted.

Interested and qualified applicants should forward copies of CV in both Chinese and English to the attention of Amy Zhou (

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