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[逻辑小分队] 请教一道题,完全无法理解

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Last year, the government of country Aimposed large tariffs on steel imports in an effort to aid its domestic steel industry.

Many domestic steel producers enjoyed record profits as a result,
as foreign steel producers were in many cases unable to compete effectively under the burden of the newly imposed tariffs.

Which of the following conclusions is best supported by the passage?

(A) Not all steel producers were unaffected by country A’s newly imposed tariffs.
(B) Some foreign steel producers were able to compete effectively in country Aevenafter the new tariffs were imposed.
(C) After the new tariffs were imposed, most foreign steel producers were unable tocompete effectively with country A’s domestic steel producers.
(D) Most domestic steel producers were able to increase their profits after the newtariffs were imposed.
(E) If a government intends to protect a domestic industry, the imposition of tariffson imports is generally an effective approach.




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