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GWD一道Boldface题 求赐教吖!!

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Deltaproducts, Inc., has recently switched at least partly from older technologiesusing fossil fuels to new technologies powered by electricity.The question has been raised whether it can be concluded that for a given levelof output, Delta’s operation now causes less fossil fuel to be consumed than itdid formerly. The answer, clearly, is yes, since the amount of fossil fuel used tofenerate the electricity needed to power the new technologies is less than theamount needed to power the older technologies, provided that the level ofoutput is held constant.
Inthe argument given, the two boldface portions play which of thefollowing roles?
A.     The first identifies the content ofthe conclusion of the argument; the second provides support for thatconclusion.
B.     The first provides support for theconclusion of the argument; the second identifies the content of thatconclusion.
C.     The first states the position thatthe argument opposes; the second states the conclusion of the argument.
D.     Each provides evidence that callsthe conclusion of the argument into question.
E.     Each provides support for conclusion of the argument

答案是E 而我选了A, 我的想法是第一句提供的是背景资料啊,只是陈述了一个事实不是吗?@。@

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第一句是背景不表示反对表示支持,结论是the answer clearly yes 所以since是结论的前提支持结论。所以两个都是对结论的支持。
A说第一是结论不对,背景不可能是结论,除非是新闻。B说第二是结论不对,CD说call in to question ❌,所以只有E对。
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leonlo 发表于 2019-5-14 09:49
第一句是背景不表示反对表示支持,结论是the answer clearly yes 所以since是结论的前提支持结论。所以两个 ...



如果是context的话 A就是正确的了 对不对呢?
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leonlo 发表于 2019-5-14 09:49

不对,identify 这种你就直接翻译成is,第一个不可能是结论,文章只会有一个结论,其他都是观点包裹所谓的中间结论。全文要解决的是是否换了这些设备省油了。第一句是背景只表示支持!!
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leonlo 发表于 2019-5-14 14:42
不对,identify 这种你就直接翻译成is,第一个不可能是结论,文章只会有一个结论,其他都是观点包裹所谓 ...

我的意思是说, 如果

The first identifies the context of the conclusion of the argument

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The first is the conclusion 怎么可能对呢。。。都说把他看成is
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