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答案是A.  但是,我想问的是“ some other service previously provided by the city will deteriorate or be eliminated”不算是新信息吗?  前提并没有提到“ some other service ”的相关描述啊。希望有人能来指导一下怎么样的才算“新信息”? 怎样算是可以直接从前提推导出的结论?  集中练习了几道归纳题, 越做越晕

前提中” the city's tax revenues, which pay for such city services as police protection and maintenance of water lines, also decrease“  such as 说明税收用来支付很多费用, 其中包括police protection and maintenance of water lines,而这部分费用不能降低 The area to be policed and the number and length of the water lines to be maintained, however, do not decrease),总的税收减少, 所以其他部分的city services 费用一定会减少  

When a city experiences a sharp decline in population, the city's tax revenues, which pay for such city services as police protection and maintenance of water lines, also decrease. The area to be policed and the number and length of the water lines to be maintained, however, do not decrease. Attempting to make up the tax revenue lost by raising tax rates is not feasible, since higher tax rates would cause even more residents to leave.

The information given most strongly supports which of the following general claims?

A If, in a city with sharply declining population, police protection and water line maintenance do not deteriorate, some other service previously provided by the city will deteriorate or be eliminated.
B If a city's tax rates are held stable over a period of time, neither the population nor the levels of city services provided will tend to decline over that period.
C If a city's population declines sharply, police protection and water line maintenance are the services that deteriorate most immediately and most markedly.
D A city that suffers revenue losses because of a sharp decline in population can make up some of the lost tax revenue by raising tax rates, provided the city's tax rates are low in relation to those of other cities.
E A city that is losing residents because tax rates are perceived as too high by those residents can reverse this population trend by bringing its tax rates down to a more moderate level.

整理了几道归纳题, 以下的正确答案是前提有提到, 可以从前提得出的结论。 正确选项一定是 MUST BE TURE 。

#1 Parasitic wasps lay their eggs directly into the eggs of various host insects in exactly the right numbers for any suitable size of host egg. If they laid too many eggs in a host egg, the developing wasp larvae would compete with each other to the death for nutrients and space. If too few eggs were laid, portions of the host egg would decay, killing the wasp larvae.

Which of the following conclusions can properly be drawn from the information above?

A The size of the smallest host egg that a wasp could theoretically parasitize can be determined from the wasp`s egg-laying behavior
B Host insects lack any effective defenses against the form of predation practiced by parasitic wasps
C Parasitic wasps learn from experience how many eggs to lay into the eggs of different host species
D Failure to lay enough eggs would lead to the death of the developing wasp larvae more quickly than would laying too many eggs
E Parasitic wasps use visual clues to calculate the size of a host egg

#2 When a caterpillar emerges from the egg on a tree branch, it immediately climbs upward until it finds a leaf bud to eat. Biologists thought that this behavior displayed an innate tendency to move in the direction opposite to the pull of gravity. In a recent experiment, a strong light source was placed at the bottom of a tree, and caterpillars, after hatching, climbed downward.

Which of the following hypotheses is best supported by the statements given?
A Caterpillars have an innate tendency to move in the direction of gravity.
B Newly hatched caterpillars are unable to see in the dark.
C Newly hatched caterpillars move towards the strongest light source in the environment.
D Newly hatched caterpillars move toward the leaf bud nearest to them.
E The eyes of newly hatched caterpillars become less sensitive to light over time

#3 First-time computer buyers buying PXC home computers typically buy models that cost much less and have a smaller profit margin per computer than do PXC computers bought by people replacing their computers with more powerful models. Last year PXC's profits from computer sales were substantially higher than the previous year, although about the same number of PXC computers were sold and the prices and profit margins for each computer model that PXC sells remained unchanged.

If the statements above are true, which of the following is most strongly supported by them?

A PXC's competitors raised the prices on their computers last year, making PXC computers more attractive to first-time computer buyers.
B The number of people buying PXC computers who also bought PXC computer-related products, such as printers, was larger last year than the previous year.
C Among computer buyers who bought a PXC computer to replace their existing computer, the proportion who were replacing a computer made by a competitor of PXC was greater last year than the previous year
D The proportion of PXC computers bought by first-time computer buyers was smaller last year than the previous year.
E PXC's production costs for its computers were lower last year than they had been the previous year.

#4  Junior biomedical researchers have long assumed that their hirings and promotions depend significantly on the amount of their published work. People responsible for making hiring and promotion decisions in the biomedical research field, however, are influenced much more by the overall impact that a candidate's scientific publications have on his or her field than by the number of those publications.

The information above, if accurate, argues most strongly against which of the following claims?

A Even biomedical researchers who are just beginning their careers are expected already to have published articles of major significance to the field.
B Contributions to the field of biomedical research are generally considered to be significant only if the work is published.
C The potential scientific importance of not-yet-published work is sometimes taken into account in decisions regarding the hiring or promotion of biomedical researchers.
D People responsible for hiring or promoting biomedical researchers can reasonably be expected to make a fair assessment of the overall impact of a candidate's publications on his or her field.
E Biomedical researchers can substantially increase their chances of promotion by fragmenting their research findings so that they are published in several journals instead of one.

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