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Tier 1 Practice Tests:

GMATPrep Software by GMAC
  • Free Tests: Yes – 2
    The question bank includes over 500 questions and thus the CATs can potentially be taken multiple times. Many have reported retaking it 2 and 3 times with a sufficient number of new non-repeating questions). If you have already exhausted the 2 CAT’s, you can find a collection of all included questions here: GMAT Prep Quant andGMAT Prep SC, GMAT Prep CR, and GMAT Prep RC
  • Price: Free for 2 tests.
    Additional Exams (Tests 3&4 as well as Tests 5&6) can be purchased for $50 from GMAC (or for $35 from GMAT Club, forPremium members)
  • Bottom Line: Practice tests distributed by the GMAC, the administrator of the GMAT. GMAT Prep is the only test that contains real GMAT Questions and is undoubtedly the best predictor of the final GMAT Score. This product is extremely valuable at the end of preparation and many believe should not be "wasted" on pre-prep analysis or for diagnostic purposes.
  • GMAT Club Member Comments: "This is by far the most accurate and realistic."
  • Online Access Link:

GMAT Club Free CATs
  • Free Tests: Yes – 2 CAT’s. Previously these were static simulation tests; however we have upgraded our free tests to a CAT format about a year ago.
  • Price:
    • $79 for a 3-month subscription to a 1,500 question bank with 30+ CATs (26 Quant and 7 Verbal)
    • Free on US Public Holidays
    • Free to users with 25 Kudos – Redeem here
  • Bottom Line: Our in-house tests developed to challenge anyone and bring out the best in the 700+ seekers. Hardest questions on the market; created by bb, Bunuel, and other prominent Moderators.
  • GMAT Club Member Comments: “Excellent tool for improving your Quant to the top level. As the name implies these tests were designed to challenge you. With some effort from your side they help you learn how to solve tough Quant questions. The Challenges cover all necessary areas of Quant section such as Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, Probability, Combinations/Permutation etc."

Manhattan Prep GMAT CATs
  • Free Tests: Yes - 1 Free Test
    • $49 for 5 Additional CAT’s
    • Free if you purchase a full set of the MGMAT Guides
    • Free if you buy a MGMAT Course.

    Please note that MGMAT has changed their Test Access Policy. As of Nov 1, 2016, a single strategy guide only provides access to a single CAT test. Thus, you must purchase a full bundle or 6 guides to get access to the tests.
  • Bottom Line: Very strong and quite accurate set of 6 CAT’s with good adaptive algorithm and quality questions. Note that many members have reported MGMAT quant to be harder than the real thing, thus many recommend adding a few points to your Quant score
  • GMAT Club Member Comments: “In general, the results on real GMAT are in +/- 40 point range compared toMGMAT. Very good tool for personal evaluation, which helps to find week spots in your knowledge. Highly recommended if you want to check on your preparation progress."
  • Free Tests Link: ... tice-test/

Veritas Prep GMAT CATs
  • Free Tests: Yes - online free test
  • Price:
    • 1 free test or
    • Buy 7 tests for $49 or
    • Get 7 CAT’s free if you are a Premium Member
    • Insider Trick: you can get 2 CATs free if you opt for a special offer during registration on GMAT Club (must register a new account to use this offer)
    Veritas Prep also has a free GMAT Question Bank, which includes hundreds of realistic, completely free GMAT questions, a personal account to track your progress and review your past results, and detailed solutions for each question and a breakdown of how other students have answered each question.
  • Bottom Line: Veritas Prep has overhauled their CATs about a year ago and invested substantial effort into making the scoring as close as possible to the official GMAT. You will find a great interface and quality questions here.
  • Link:

Economist GMAT Tutor Free CAT
  • Free Tests: Yes - online free test. To take the test, sign up for a free 7-day trial that comes with a test and a number of video lessons. No payment or credit card is required. Your free trial will last indefinitely.
  • Bottom Line: adaptive tests, solid questions, and accurate scoring.
  • Price: You cannot purchase tests separately, only as a part of the course, but the free trial offers access to quite a few questions
  • Link:

  • Free Tests: Yes - 1 Free Kaplan Test - you have a choice of self-paced or with a proctor
  • Price: $30 for 6 full-length practice tests on CD/Online if you purchase a Kaplan Premier book
  • Bottom Line: Good Value if purchased with a book – you can use both supplement your prep. In the past, theKaplan tests used to grade much harsher, often resulting into 50-100 point with the official test. Several years ago they have updated the tests and the scoring algorithm to match the scores closer to real GMAT. Up to 9 tests are available with purchase of prep courses.
  • GMAT Club Member Comments: "Good tricks and though questions in both Math and Verbal. Kaplan CATs will force you to think in the right direction.”
  • Link: ... pages-2016

Math Revolution Diagnostic Test
  • Free Tests: Yes - 1 Free Quant Test
  • Price: Free
  • Bottom Line: Helpful quant-only diagnostic test
  • Link:

Target Test Prep Diagnostic Test
  • Free Tests: Yes - 1 Free Quant Test
  • Price: Free
  • Bottom Line: Realistic Quant diagnostic test - 62 minutes, 31 questions
  • Link:

Experts' Global
  • Free Tests: 1 Free
  • 15 Full tests with AWA and IR
  • Includes video explanations for each question
  • Bottom Line: adaptive tests, questions carry resemblance to official questions, sometimes too similar.
  • Price: $50
  • Link:

Princeton Review GMAT CAT
  • Free Tests: Yes - 1 Free Test, similar to Kaplan, you have to register for it as an event.
  • Price: Access to 4 online tests comes with Cracking the GMAT – about $30
  • Bottom Line: Overall is a good practice if starting from scratch and targeting 600 to 700 range.
  • GMAT Club Member Comments: “PR is very good as a refresher. The Princeton CATs are designed for those starting on basics concepts. As a result the Quant section seems to be primitive compared with Manhattan GMAT orKaplan.”
  • Link: ... ctice-test

These are not verified to work or provide accurate scores. You are welcome to use them at your own decision - this is a listing only and not an endorsement.
  • GMAT Pill Practice Test
  • 800 Score free test (one test is free or 5 tests for $25)
  • Platinum GMAT free test
  • Manhattan Review Free test (Different from Manhattan GMAT)
  • Crack GMAT
  • LBS, Oxford, Babson, and Hult CAT Tests - these are all provided by the Economist GMAT Tutor, so you may run into the same questions
  • Prep Adviser Practice Test

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个人觉得把免费的都做下,为什么不呢?遇到不同的考点哦 肯定有收获
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Thanksgiving ( Black Friday ) 即将来临,估计有大折扣
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