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分享各商学院 PhD Program 就业出路方面的相关信息,欢迎讨论!

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Here are the recently established PhD Programs, most with outstanding placements:

UCSD (one placement at Harvard, and one at University of Arizona)

University of Virginia (nontraditional program; not admit every year; placements at UPENN  and other top schools)

Iowa State University (many placed at decent research schools)

Auburn University (placements looking quite good)

UC at Riverside (limited information on placements, presumably not as good as the above)

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Here are a few more recently established PhD programs, which offer a single concentration:

University of Louisville (Entrepreneurship)

University of Wyoming (Social Marketing)  

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Here are a few more recently established PhD programs, which offer a single concentration and are  ...

We hope that no more new PhD programs will be established in the near future. The job market is already competitive enough. This is the case especially as business school faculty shortages have been significantly alleviated.
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We hope that there will not be many new additions to the list of PhD programs in the future. The j ...

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