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tax free---i know it 'cox my friends tried it thousands of times;

the cigarette in the website is expensive, I also doubt its shipping and credit, 嘿嘿;

and the brand i like is not on it

snazzy bro. you are right,  and i am little shamed for my feelings

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it's not a hoax, u do owe tax.

Do I have to pay tax on cigarettes purchased over the Internet?

Absolutely. Every state and some localities impose an excise tax on the purchase of cigarettes, and some states and localities also impose an additional sales tax. Purchasers are required to pay that excise tax even if they buy cigarettes outside a state and bring or ship them into that state. This also applies to Internet sites operated by Native Americans selling to non-Tribal members. The state taxes are owed by the purchaser, regardless of any statements to the contrary on the Internet site. In addition, Federal law requires Internet vendors who sell or ship any quantity of cigarettes into a state to report the sale of cigarettes and certain information concerning the sale, including the name and contact information of the purchasers, to state tax authorities. State tax authorities can then use this information to collect taxes from in-state consumers. In recent months, a number of states have sent tax notices to residents demanding payment of unpaid taxes and imposing substantial penalties on consumers for the non-payment or untimely payment of taxes on cigarettes purchased over the Internet.
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it is philip morris's e-store, and I am afraid you have to pay tax
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至于harshy regulation,我想说的是看看纽约餐馆室内禁烟后,室外座位爆满的情况,就知道美国人的态度了,别自己吓自己。

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还有one carton是一包,还是一条呀?

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