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[申请总结] HEC Paris Finance Ph.D.录取及面经

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邮件里通知的面试内容:"As part of the interview, we would like you to tell us about a research work of yours. For example, it can be research you did or are currently doing for a master thesis or for an internship or a job. Ideally the topic is in finance or economics, but if you have not done research in finance or economics before, you can present a research work in another field. Please prepare a five-minute presentation with slides (be mindful that five minutes is very short!) We will ask you questions on this research. Think of it as a mini defense. The objective is to demonstrate your ability and motivation to do research and to think thoroughly about a research question."

实际面试:首先self introduction,why Finance,why PhD。然后讲自己的一篇研究论文,这个过程非常challenging,几乎我每讲一个假设、一个结论,program director都会提出好几个问题,例如margin constraints的实际意义、为什么采取这种形式、如何在当前的covid-19 crisis中检验等等。接着在这篇writing sample的基础上,问了一些关于government role in financial market,covid crisis and financial crisis这样非常宏观的话题。最后问了一下手上是否还有其它offer、给了offer是否会接的问题。原计划30分钟的面试持续了将近1个小时。

timeline:2nd ddl April 20 - selected for interview May 10 - interview May 17 - offer May 26

简单的申请总结:今年申请准备得有些仓促(并且还没有master阶段的成绩),又只申了US和UK的top program,虽然也拿到了一些不错的offer和wl,但在4.15之前都全部(主动地)decline或者(被动地)reject。我当时已打算找full time RA,非常偶然地得知HEC还有第二轮,于是很简单地改了一下材料就提交了申请,之后非常幸运地拿到了offer。经历20、21连续两年的申请季,我觉得很多时候运气可能是最重要的,那么就祝大家好运!也希望自己在finance research中能够做一点微小的工作~~

另外,求同去HEC Paris的队友~

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队友在这里!!微信 xiaoyike_
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恭喜! 我在insead 可以常交流~
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