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[面试经验] wustl MSF kira 1.17 [2021-01-17]

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1. Share three words that best describe you. explain why you chose those words.
2. Describe how your undergraduate degree has prepared you for the MSF program.
3. Traits and skills that you think the most important to work in the financial service industry?
4. If you could have a meal with someone that is important to you, who would it be and what you will talk about
5. One place in St Louis that you are excited to visit
6. How do you think Olin will prepare you for your future career?

写作:A student has been extremely busy trying to wrap up a project for his/her internship employer, so unfortunately the student has not devoted a sufficient amount of time toward the completion of his/her final paper. The final paper is due tomorrow and the student still has not finished the paper, but the supervisor of the internship has requested that he/she join the team out at a local restaurant to celebrate the finalization of the project. Faced with this dilemma, what should the student do?

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请问楼主记不记得writing部分会不会录像,我直接copy复制的 我忘记注意了
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——Sherry 发表于 2021-1-18 13:24
请问楼主记不记得writing部分会不会录像,我直接copy复制的 我忘记注意了

真的可行吗这个  或者自己对着word打字上去会不会好一点
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陈陈笑 发表于 2021-1-18 16:14
真的可行吗这个  或者自己对着word打字上去会不会好一点

我当时忘记看到哪篇说直接copy然后想都没想就copy了 也没注意摄像头 但我记得没亮 亮的话我就完了哈哈
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——Sherry 发表于 2021-1-18 17:04
我当时忘记看到哪篇说直接copy然后想都没想就copy了 也没注意摄像头 但我记得没亮 亮的话我就完了哈哈 ...

hhhh直接copy摄像头也看不出来吧  是因为太快了吗
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陈陈笑 发表于 2021-1-18 17:40
hhhh直接copy摄像头也看不出来吧  是因为太快了吗

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