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[面试经验] WUSTL MSBA Kira 面经 [2021.01.14]

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所有题目都是 CD 上有的,6口语+1写作,时间很短所以每个点讲1句话左右就够了。
  • What superhero power do you want?
  • How do you believe Olin will prepare you to be a valuable professional within the industry?
  • Describe why you are a competitive candidate for our Master of Science in Finance program.
  • Something interesting about you that others may not know
  • One place in St Louis that you are excited to visit
  • Describe one of the most important skills and traits that one need to have to succeed in the financial service industry
  • You have been offered an opportunity to interview for an internship with a company that is on your target list. The interview is on Wednesday at 10 AM on the north side of town. On Tuesday, you receive an offer from your top choice company to interview on the same day at 11 AM. The companies are 45 minutes apart by car. This is your dream opportunity; however, you have already made a commitment to the other company. What do you do?

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Gkxxxx98 发表于 2021-1-15 14:16
请问楼主提交申请完过了多久收到的面试邀请呀?是24小时内需要完成的吗? ...

 楼主| 发表于 2021-1-15 22:34:10 发自 iPhone | 显示全部楼层
Gkxxxx98 发表于 8小时前

好像是提交了网申就收到的吧 我拖了好久才做不知道会不会有问题😭
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