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[面试经验] Ivey MSc BA Kira

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感觉Ivey的面经不是很多 之前CD小伙伴提到的我在practice里有碰到,正式面是2min准备3min说,两道video题
1. 你认为什么stressful how do you deal with it
2. Top 3 factors attribute to your success so far.
攒人品求录!刚刚真人面完 感觉凉凉。。。。发一下面经攒人品 基本上都是从CD上挖来的 没新题
Fit & motivation
1. self-introduction
2. why IVEY and why MSC
3. career goal: shortterm & long term
4. why transfer to BA
5. what target companiesyou want to go during internship and after graduation
6. career management team能给你什么
7. interesting thingabout you outside resume
1. once you spot anopportunity and made positive change
2. How have you taken constructive feedbackand used it as an opportunity to mature?
3. once you met some member of the team whowas not contributing, how did you handle/ Do you understand the complexity ofrelationships and can effectively manage stakeholders at all levels?
4. once you handled a project withambiguity (limited information) how did you handle
5. once you led a team
6. once you analyze dataand interpret information for your clients/members/teammates
7. Flaw / weakness
8. What business trendsare you following that demonstrate a passion/dedication to business?
9.What are your most significantaccomplishments to date and why?
10. What are situations where you havemotivated/influenced/developed others?
11.What are situationswhere you have demonstrated flexibility to respond to changing interpersonaland environmental situations?
12. what preparation willyou do for analytics lab
13. if not admitted byIvey, what is your plan B?
14. the negative feedbackyou received but you think you were right
15. 你觉得能从analytics lab学到什么
16. if you get the offer,what kind of preparation you will do.
17. 你能给program带来什么贡献& 你想从program里获得什么好处?
18. 在无领导小组项目中你怎么说服别人接受你的想法/tell me about an experience that you have to gain support fromothers
19. If you could go back,would you change anything?
20. 在自己的经历中有没有什么觉得失败的地方?
21. 讲一个经历关于接到一个你认为不可能完成的事情,how did you do with it?
22. once you took risks
23. once you take challenging project
害 感觉面试官觉得我team work不够 真的是非常想去的学校了 难受
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