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bg: 211双一流非财经金融专业/GPA 3.77/GMAT730/T103/四段实习(有一丢丢水)/有一点点科研经历

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Congratulations on a solid GMAT score and GPA. Those should open up a lot of doors for you on the MSF and MSBA fronts - you will meet or exceed the averages for most schools in which you will likely be interested. A cursory online search for ranking lists of MSF and MSBA programs will reveal that you are well situated for these programs, assuming you attend a good school in China.

Strategic positioning is a different question, and one that's harder to answer with just the information you provided. Strategic positioning is super important for Chinese applicants, as there are *many* worthy candidates who apply from China for a coveted few spots at top schools. Given your GPA and GMAT, if you get rejected from MSF and MSBA programs I'm guessing that it probably has more to do with your strategic positioning and your resume rather than your numbers.

Strategic positioning has to do with what you want to do after graduate school - what kind of company you want to work for and in what function. You also need to address how your prior work experience (in your case, your 4 internships and your scientific research) prepares you for this sort of work. You need to demonstrate *leadership* and *impact* in the essays you submit, both at your job and in your extracurricular involvement. You need to talk about your passions and how you will continue those passions at school outside of the classroom (Do you participate in stock pitch competitions for fun? Do you love managing your own brokerage account? Then you could, for instance, talk about being president of the investment management club or taking part in specific stock-pitch competition that the school runs, for instance).

Raj Patil
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RajPatil_Brown 发表于 2019-11-25 11:31
Congratulations on a solid GMAT score and GPA. Those should open up a lot of doors for you on the MS ...

Thank u very much for your great advice!

I am sorry that I just saw your reply. I haven't been this forum for several days because I am busy writing my personal statement. I have a little bit of a breakdown because the whole process of writing a good personal statement is much harder than I thought. I don't want to look like a boring and pedantic person in my ps, but it is very difficult to show myself in such a short essay... Anyway, I will just try to work more harder on my ps.

I am still not sure about the school selection. If you don't mind, I want to share with you my dream programs and see what you think.

I want to apply for the MSF and MSBA of USC. I love USC the most.  Actually I applied for the MSBA of USC last year, but I didn't get the admission. (It was totally predictable because my GMAT score was 660 last year) I tried to improve myself in this gap year. Other programs that I want to try: DUKE-MQM  UCLA-BA IC-MSF... These programs are all very very very great. I wish I can get one of them, but one of my friends said that I'm just wasting my application fee because these programs just want students from the best colleges in China. My undergraduate school is just a fairly good one and is not famous.

Do you think that I am just wasting my application fees? and Do you have some easier and suitable programs to recommend? I appreciate a lot for your time and advice.

By the way, I have applied for several colleges in UK. Now, I got an offer from KCL in London.(the program is Banking and Finance) This is the only offer I get until now. I am happy for that but I still think I can do better. I don't want to gap again.....

I would like to apologize for all the blah blah blah above. Thank you again for your help!

Best Wishes,
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