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[就业出路] 【招聘】中欧国际工商学院 CEIBS 全职研究助理(Accounting)

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Location: Beijing
Department: Dean's Office
Work Type: Full-time

Job major responsibilities:

1. Assist in research process management, including conducting literature reviews, preparing research related materials (e.g. questionnaires, research notes, and reference list) and organizing survey, collecting and analyzing data, writing research report, coordinating proof reading, etc.;
2. Assist in preparing publication papers for referred journals;
3. Assist faculty in teaching, including course development and design, material preparation, and other logistic coordination.
4. Conduct needed case research (both primary and secondary research) and write cases with limited supervision
5. Attend classes and supervise case discussion, exams, and grade exam papers.
6. Assist the executive director of the editorial board in logistic and administration support

Job basic requirements:

1.Academic Majors Required:PhD or Master
2. Academic Majors Required:Financial accounting and managerial accounting
3. Minimum Years of Relevant :1-2 years(Will consider new graduate)
4. Strong skill in writing academic papers, both in China and English.
5. Familiar with qualitative research methodology or at least one quantitative analysis software

Interested applicants should email application materials to Jasmine Xu
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