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[申请总结] Fordham MSBA vs. Syracuse MSF, 求选校。

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Hey there,
Congrats on your offers! These are both great programs. That said, since these are two totally different programs it’s really going to depend on what you plan to do following graduation & if you want to follow a finance vs. business analytics track. If you’re not totally sure, you can start by taking a look at the employment statistics for each school (the adcom can provide them to you) to see which companies you see consistently hiring graduates & see how excited you feel about the idea of working at one of those companies. Look through the course catalogues for each school as well to see what you genuinely feel the most excited to learn about. Finally, I’d consider how excited you feel about the culture and student body at the school. So much of the value of grad school is the network you build & you’ll be best positioned to build that network if you genuinely connect with the people at the school. Congrats again & good luck to you!

Jon Frank
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