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[录取汇报] 求建议 PSU$$$ VS. Rochester$$

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LZ 工作8年(金融4年),目标POST MBA 金融,目前收到PSU Full-time MBA([size=14.6667px]full tuition scholarship 80K 左右 + monthly stipend 总共7K左右),Rochester Full-time MBA(65% [size=14.6667px]tuition scholarship 60K左右

PSU 优点:MBA 排名相对较高,学费全免还给生活补贴
PSU 缺点:综排不高,MBA的金融不是强项

Rochester 优点:综排相对高,MBA的金融强项
Rochester 缺点:MBA 排名不知为何靠后,钱不如PSU


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nishihua 发表于 2019-5-5 15:30

但是感觉PSU中好的公司基本都是来招Supply Chain的,有点尴尬。LZ背景奇差无比,T 才100出头,G 700 不到,银行混了几年,现在年纪大了,不想再刷分了。
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PSU确实是supply chain 牛校。供应链的公司过去招聘很多。

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Hey there,
Generally speaking you want to go to the highest ranked school you can get into since that will give you access to a stronger, more prestigious alumni network and will also generally translate into stronger employment options and higher lifetime salaries. Of these Rochester is generally considered the more prestigious option so I’d recommend that one!

Good luck,
Jon Frank
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清飞扬 发表于 2019-5-8 07:30
PSU确实是supply chain 牛校。供应链的公司过去招聘很多。

谢谢,现在又拿了UC Davis 又开始头大了,觉得西部的互联网也不错,而且家也在西部,所以似乎更难选了。
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JonFrank 发表于 2019-5-14 11:13
Hey there,
Generally speaking you want to go to the highest ranked school you can get into since tha ...

Hi Jon,
Thank you for your suggestion, I indeed prefer Rochester better. But there is new problem I recently got new offer from UC Davis with 12k dollars per year. My relatives also live in bay area, and the location of UC Davis is much better than Rochester. There are more Technology, Internet or Fintech companies in the bay area. But UC Davis doesn't seem to have strong concentration in any field on which I want to focus, such as Finance or Data. So in this situation, do you have some suggestion?

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vote for ucd
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