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Strategic Human Resource 方向

The Wisconsin MBA in Strategic Human Resource Management combines deep expertise in human resources with the knowledge required to be a strategic business partner. Through coursework in operations, finance, accounting, and strategy, students learn the fundamentals of business leadership. Students learn to link business operational goals to human capital decisions through courses on staffing, compensation, labor relations, negotiations, and others. The combination of core MBA learning, specialized courses, applied learning opportunities and human resources internships sets the Wisconsin MBA apart from its competitors. We build strategic HR business partners like no one else can!
Officially founded in 2006, the program has its roots in the former UW Industrial Relations Institute as well as in the Wisconsin School of Business General Management MBA. Today’s SHRM students are able to draw on this history to connect with professionals from human resources and industrial relations both during their time in the program and throughout their careers.

We are justifiably proud of our nearly 100% placement rate. Recruiters return year after year because they know we produce high-quality, talented graduates that will help them take HR initiatives to the next level. We continue to have more recruiters who want our graduates than graduates to offer. Wisconsin MBAs in Strategic Human Resource Management are in high demand!


All Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) students who have sought summer positions between the first and second year have landed internships with leading firms. In their internships, students take on a range of interesting projects, reflecting the students’ interests as well as the companies’ strategic priorities.
Internships also provide students with the opportunity to meet and to work with graduate students from around the world.
Recent examples of SHRM student internships include:
        Social media & recruiting
        Talent management
        Succession management and workforce planning
        Emerging market rotational program creation
        Fair employment practices
        Recruiting/interviewing process
        HR client/generalist work

Recruiting Partners
Companies who have recruited Strategic Human Resource Management students in recent years include:
Recruiting Partners - Firms
Bank of America        Hewitt Associates
Chevron        Hewlett-Packard
Cisco Systems        IBM
CUNA Mutual        Johnson & Johnson
Dish Network        Kraft
Eli Lilly         Merck
ExxonMobil        3M

For more information about SHRM, please go to:
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Brand & Product Management
When you join the Wisconsin School of Business' Brand and Product Management MBA program, you do so with the promise of a pathway to running a business. We prepare you to make a major impact on your business and career. Gain the Wisconsin advantage in a competitive world.
When you join the Wisconsin School of Business' Brand and Product Management MBA program, you do so with the promise of a pathway to running a business. We prepare you to make a major impact on your business and career. Gain the Wisconsin advantage in a competitive world.
A Network You Want
Executives from multinational companies like 3M, GE, General Mills, and Target make up our hiring partners and Advisory Board, and are ready to guide you to a better career.
Your access to a network of influential corporate leaders, alumni and experienced faculty is just one part of why 97 percent of Brand and Product Management MBA graduates have full-time job offers at a median salary of $100,000 within three months of graduation.
A Customized Curriculum
UW-Madison is known for innovation, and that holds true for the Wisconsin MBA. Our brand and product management specialization is the first of its kind in the nation and is focused on your career journey. There aren't any filler classes, just a boutique curriculum designed entirely around the distinct set of skills needed to manage some the world's biggest brands from day one.
The Experience to Lead
Our Applied Learning courses provide the hands-on experience that will make you an asset to recruiters and companies world-wide. Applied Learning projects integrate real-world situations into your curriculum to prepare you for your career journey. The knowledge of the projects, practices and issues that face actual industry professionals will put you on a path to succeed. Take a look at some past students' experiences here.

Students like you come to the Center for Brand and Product Management at the Wisconsin School of Business to study, learn, and hone your marketing skills, preparing for a future career as a brand or product manager. Many hope to go on to be general managers, entrepreneurs and CEOs. Our carefully-crafted blend of real-world experience and challenging academics is a crucial part of the preparation. Beyond that, however, we work closely with every student to make sure that they find the internship or full-time position that moves their marketing career in the direction they want it to go.
To date, 100% of the students at the center have received offers from brand and product management companies. They’ve enjoyed exciting internships and gone on to rewarding full-time marketing roles. They’re working in numerous industries, including consumer products companies, technology and health care firms.
Learn more about how the center prepares students for their marketing careers and about the companies that recruit our students.


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Investment Banking MBA
Since 1999, the Nicholas Center has been focusing exclusively on delivering practical training in corporate finance and investment banking.
Do you see the big picture when it comes to finance?  Corporate finance requires a deep understanding of financial methods and techniques - from valuing assets to providing insights on important business development decisions.  Investment banking focuses on raising capital for companies and making business deals happen.

The Wisconsin MBA in corporate finance and investment banking prepares you to see the big picture and to succeed as a financial officer, consultant, or investment banker.

The specialized Nicholas Center for Corporate Finance and Investment Banking combines the breadth of an outstanding first-year core curriculum with the depth of financial consulting project-based experience in the second year. Critical analysis of corporate financial problems is at the heart of the program. The Nicholas Center is the only truly applied corporate finance MBA program in the country. Why is Wisconsin's specialized MBA approach gaining international recognition? According to BusinessWeek, specialized programs "give students the kind of targeted, real-world experience sometimes lacking in traditional MBAs."

The Nicholas MBA program offers students a unique opportunity to gain practical experience working on meaningful corporate finance consulting engagements. Students work in teams on assigned finance projects for consulting firms, investment banks, public corporations and private companies. The financial consulting engagements typically involve an analysis of problem areas for the engagement sponsors in areas such as working capital management, evaluation of funding sources, valuation, cost of capital, capital expenditure decisions, acquisition analysis, and joint venture and strategic alliances. Throughout the academic year, students work on approximately four to six diverse financial consulting engagements. Overall, each class works with 16 -18 different corporations, firms and banks.

Our graduates become financial leaders in all areas of corporate finance and investment banking.
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Madison是Party School
我本科念的U of M Twin Cities, 常听同学说开车去Madison party
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MonetC 发表于 2015-11-18 12:19
去了学校的网站,发现没有提到申请过程中的interview,比如round1,是在12月之后在通知面试吗?谢谢。 ...

这个面试的具体时间不一定,我会把这个问题转发给学校招生办公室,有确切消息我再来回复你。谢谢你对Wisconsin MBA的关注。
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万里独行 发表于 2015-11-18 22:33
Madison是Party School
我本科念的U of M Twin Cities, 常听同学说开车去Madison party ...

想party有party, 想学习地儿安静学习。各取所需。哈哈
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What is the recommended word limit per essay? many thanks!
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