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[作文] 考生备考:Gre写作经典句型

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Gre写作是美国所有作文考试中时间最长而质量要求最高的一类作文考试,gre写作主要是考察逻辑推理能力和分析能力,所以备考gre写作我们如何分析gre写作论点清晰的表达逻辑评价和思维能力。  开头
  1. The arguer may be right about…, but he seems to neglect(fail) to mention (take into account) the fact that….
  2. Although many people believe that… , I doubt (wonder) whether the argument bears much analysis (close examination).

     3. It would be possible (natural/reasonable) to think (believe/take the view) that…, but it would be absurd (wrong) to claim (argue) that…
  4. A close (careful) inspection (examination/scrutiny) of this argument would reveal how flimsy (groundless/fallacious) it is.
  5. However just (logical/sound/valid) this argument maybe, it only skims the surface of the problem.
  1. From what has been discussed above (Taking into account all these factors/ Judging from all evidence offered), we may draw (reach/come to /arrive at) the conclusion that…
  2. It is high time that we place (lay/put) great (special/consideration) emphasis on the improvement (development/increase/promotion) of….
  3. There is no easy (immediate/effective) solution (approach/answer/remedy) to the problem of…,but ….might be useful (helpful/beneficial).
  4. Following these methods (suggestions) may not guarantee the success in (solution to)…, but the payoff will be worth the effort.
  5. For these reasons, I strongly recommend that….
  己准备必须多思考,拿了个题目想尽办法去分析,去了解如何写这个题。比如说考试抽到的这个题(这个题比较好写),具体题不记得了,我复述:It should be required that student so far major take courses in a different major in college。这个题思考的时候就可以从很多方面入手,比如:对major进行分类,文科类、科学类、纯理论类(theoretical,math,physics等),他们肯定是不相同的。然后可以说不同的major对其他知识的需求,然后就是college对这类的限制(学到更广的知识,目的是什么,结果如何?),到了社会上如何。甚至,光知识对一个人自身的影响,以及反写等等。能想到这么多,并且把它们分段,有组织地串联起来,这篇文章就算是解决了。这也是一个非常明显的可以正反写的题目(让步、正面写、特例),所有的东西都能为主论点服务,因此相对比较难走题。
  This argument concludes/recommends/argues that…
  To support this conclusion the writer cites…/points out that…
  However, this argument suffers from several critical flaws and is therefore unconvincing/ unpersuasive as it stands.
  One problem with the argument is that, the editorial observes a correlation between… and …, then concludes that the former is the cause of the latter. However, the editorial fails to rule out other possible explanations for…For example,… Any of these factors, or other social, political or economic factors, might lead to…Without ruling out all other such factors it is unfair to conclude that…
  In the final analysis, the letter's author fails to adequately support the recommendation that…To bolster the argument, the arguer must provide detailed demographic/statistical evidence showing that…The author must also provide evidence--perhaps by way
  writer cites…/points out that…
  以上是有关gre写作开头与结尾的经典句型,要想有一个好的gre写作能力,还要从实力化角度提高gre写作水平 ,这就需要考生自己在实践中展现质的飞跃,不要让固定句型束缚了我们的思想,学会取其精华,去其糟粕。
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