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[读书的日子] 推荐:AoM前任主席的全套PhD课程资料

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Van de Van是管理学界的大牛,AoM前任主席。去年AMR上一篇Engaged Scholarship提倡学术界和实践界的互动,我十分喜欢。今天一查,发现他的网站大有看头。上面除了有他大部分的经典文章外,还有两门博士课程Theory Building and Research Design和Macro Organization Behavior的全套资料(包括部分文章,讲义,和摘要)。特别推荐的是他即将由牛津出版的Engaged Scholarship: A Guide for Organizational and Social Research,网站上有大部分的章节。这本书是AMR那篇文章的扩充,对组织研究的操作很有参考价值。

顺便,给我的博客做个广告,欢迎各位常来捧场。另外建议版主搞一个博客英雄帖,让有博客的各位集合报道一下。早就是web 2.0时代了,也不能光用BBS交流吧。要不大家给我留言,我来给大家整理个清单。


MGMT 8101 Topics and Assignments - Spring 2007

Course Syllabus




1. Jan. 16
2. Jan. 23
3. Jan. 30
4. Feb. 6
5. Feb. 13
6. Feb. 20
7. Feb. 27
8. March 6

9. March 7 ()

(March 12-16)
10. March 20
March 21 ()
March 27 & April 3
12. April 10
13. April 17
14. April 24
15. May 1

Introduction and Overview
Developing a Research Proposal (submit research proposal recipe)
Philosophy of Science Underlying Engaged Scholarship

Formulating the Research Problem or Question
Grounded Methods of Problem Formulation (submit research problem & question)

Building a Theory
Justifying a Theory  (share theory reports with peers)
Two Modes of Thought: Variance and Process Theories (submit theory reports)
Variance Research Designs

(University Spring Break)

Process Research Designs

Constructing and Evaluating Measurement Instruments
Work day

Evaluating and Improving Research Designs (submit research design)
Implementing Research and Problem Solving
Writing and Publishing Crafts
Reviewing and Evaluating Research Proposals (submit final research proposal)

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Thank you Rongdong,

How about your initiate of SEChinaorg project? Will it continue?

发表于 2007-3-19 00:08:00 | 显示全部楼层

Great stuff! Thanks for sharing.

BTW, will you go to this year's AoM? I may see you there

发表于 2007-3-19 09:00:00 | 显示全部楼层

Cool! A big cow!

I will also go to aom conference. Will CDers have gathering?

发表于 2007-3-20 04:56:00 | 显示全部楼层
以下是引用sm1在2007-3-19 9:00:00的发言:

Cool! A big cow!

I will also go to aom conference. Will CDers have gathering?

Sounds like a good idea...

To sm1, which track are you in? Strategy, HR, IB, micro OB or OT?

发表于 2007-3-20 05:23:00 | 显示全部楼层
I am in OB track, and will present my paper in Career Division.
 楼主| 发表于 2007-3-20 10:59:00 | 显示全部楼层

jadelo: I have other plans this summer and probably an't going. But the idea of having a CD gathering there sounds great.

habits: Glad you still remember my daunting SEChinaorg project. I'm trying to help 1KG ( to diffuse some knowledge about social entrepreneurship by translating relevant materials. Check out (the server is unstable sometimes).

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发表于 2007-3-20 12:40:00 | 显示全部楼层

To rongdong: then I guess I will see you somewhere else in the future. Thanks again for posting the helpful informaiton.

To sm1: I am on the OT side, and will present a paper in the OMT division. Be sure to keep in touch!

发表于 2007-6-16 14:11:00 | 显示全部楼层

Hi, who will attend AOM 2007? I want to share the hotel in

Burbridge St. B&B (6324 Burbridge St. Philadelphia, PA 19144) from August 2-August 8

contact: miaxis(在)

发表于 2007-6-19 12:43:00 | 显示全部楼层
thanks for sharing.
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