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[面试经验] CWRU MF 面经 2023.3.17

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123 固定题:介绍自己2min;why case 写作; 申请的其他学校
4-8 随机题:我的大概关于:
A time when youhave different opinion with your teammate and how it ends.
Please describe atime when you were asked to do something differently, or use unique approach tohelp achieve an objective of some sort. How did you adjust to doing thisdifferently, and what was the outcome


1.        自我介绍 + application 之外的信息介绍。
2.        Writing Why case? What interests in Weather head? How Weather head help you achieve your career goal? How to enrich the learning environment in Weather head? 8 分钟我感觉时间还蛮紧张的。
3.        还申请了其他什么项目 + 原因?
1.        发现组员没有正确的使用相关资源或者方法作为组长你要怎么做?
2.        讲一次你需要分析大量数据的经历,然后过程以及结果咋样?(大概是这么个意思)
3.        讲一次你遇到一些没有预见到的困难的经历。然后过程以及结果?
4.        好像还有一个小组活动的具体问题不记得了
5.        如果有 unlimited time,除了学校和工作你还愿意去做啥?
除了第二题其他的都是 speaking,应该是除了自我介绍是两分钟其他都是一分半,大概是这样。

1.        Introduction of yourself. What else do you want us to learn from you outside your application?1m+2ms
2.        Writing 8min:
Why case? what interests in Weather head? how Weather head help you achieve your career goal? how to enrich the learning environment in Weather head?
3.        Share us other programs and schools you applied, reason? 45s+90s
1.        Describe a time when you recognized an opportunity to improve your team's performance. Please tell us how priorities were set, and how you ensured a quality outcome.  
2.        Describe a problem you had to analyze. What steps did you take to analyze the problem in order to address the critical issues? What was the solution?   
3.        Please describe an unforeseen problem or difficulty you have faced in the past.How did you go about solving a problem that you weren't anticipating?  
4.        Tell me about a time when you were working with a group of people who had very different opinions. How did you manage this, and what did you learn?
5.        You had unlimited time, what would you devote yourself to, other than school or work?(这题好像也算是固定题,类似的题目有:除了学习工作,还喜欢做什么?)

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