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[面试经验] M2M 2022 HKUST & HEC 面经 R1 [2022-11]

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M2M HKUST MIMT 真人面试 11.20.2022
1. Introduce yourself
2. Why program
3. Why don’t you apply to hkust mkt program (贴主自己是marketing 是career goal)
4. Why don’t you directly go to work after graduate from college since you have such a clear goal? (贴主的career goal比较清晰,specific)
5. What exchange program you want to go?
6. Are you a team player or team leader?
7. Any questions you want to ask.

M2M HEC Paris 11.25.2022 R1
1. Intro
2. Why program?
3. Career goal?
4. What other people may dislike you when working together?
5. What’s the difference between working in China and America?
6. Which one do you like? Why?
7. What clubs you want to join at HEC paris?
8. Any challenge coming to HEC Paris for study?
9. Any questions

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