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[就业出路] 【招聘】中欧国际工商学院 CEIBS 全职研究助理(finance)

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CEIBS Full-time RA Job Opening

CEIBS was the first business school on the Chinese mainland to be accredited by both EQUIS and AACSB. Currently, there are 80 faculty at CEIBS. From 2015 to 2021, a total of nearly 860 papers have been published, including 159 articles in the core journals of the Financial Times (FT) and 77 articles in A* Publications. 674 case developments have been published, of which 32 cases have won case awards at home and abroad.

Research staff have played an invaluable role at CEIBS over the years as the school continues to boost its research capabilities. Many later go on to pursue PhD programmes at top-tier schools, with about 14 enrolled over the past 2 years.

The schools they were enrolled in include Harvard University, Imperial College London, University of Southern California, HEC Paris, Rice Univeristy, University of Illinois at Chicago, State University of New York at Binghamton, North Carolina State University, Chinese University of Hong Kong...
Location: Shanghai
Report to: Professor
Department: Dean's Office, China Europe International Business School
Work Type: Full-time

Job Responsibilities:
Job responsibilities mainly include but not limited to the following:
1. Assist in research in financial market related research project, aiming at publishing at top finance academic or practitioner journals. Related responsibilities include but not limited to literature review, collecting/coding/analyzing data, coordination of research projects, with a focus on financial markets.
2. Assist in teaching, including course development and design, material preparation (case writing), EMBA class coordination and other logistic coordination.
3. Assist to contact and coordinate with international scholars and executives.
4. General administrative tasks, including budgeting, correspondence, etc.

The person who takes on the job will develop an expertise in financial markets and get trained in conducting high-level research. Furthermore, he/she will get actively involved in the academic community as well as financial market practitioners.

Preferred Skills and Qualities:
The job is ideal for candidates aspiring to an intellectual career in either academia or industry. Any candidate with (1) a solid training (bachelors, masters, or Ph.D.)  in analytical disciplines (statistics, computer science, finance, or economics), and (2) a strong interest in understanding global financial markets are welcome to apply.
In particular, candidates with the following experiences and qualities are preferred:
1. Academic research experiences. Direct experiences in asset pricing, financial markets, and other finance/economics related fields strongly preferred. Experiences in statistics/applied mathematics or computer science are also a plus. Having academic publications in these fields a strong plus.
2. Strong programming skills. Experiences in any of the following: R, Python, Stata or Matlab. Software development experiences a plus.
3. Excellent communication skills in English: speaking, reading, and writing. Proficiency in Chinese reading, speaking, and writing a plus but not required.
4. Attention to detail, proactive and getting-things-done mindset. Entrepreneurial with an ownership mentality when facing challenges.
5. Excellent interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to collaborate effectively with a broad range of individuals and groups.

Application materials:
1. Resume
2. Past research papers, thesis, or academic publications (optional)

Interested and qualified applicants should forward copies of CV in both Chinese and English to the attention of Jasmine Xu ( Position is available immediately.

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