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[面试经验] WUSTL Kira面经 [2021-01-17]

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1writing 5min

1. 3 words that best describe you and why?
2. what makes you a competitive candidate?
3. How will Olin prepare you for your career?
4. One place in St. Louis that you are excited to visit.
5. Top 1 song in your song list.
6. One of the most valuable skills or traits in data analytics industry.
7. A student has beenextremely busy trying to wrap up a project for his/her internship employer, sounfortunately the student has not devoted a sufficient amount of time towardthe completion of his/her final paper. The final paper is due tomorrow and thestudent still has not finished the paper, but the supervisor of the internshiphas requested that he/she join the team out at a local restaurant to celebratethe finalization of the project. Faced with this dilemma, what should thestudent do?

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请问楼主还记不记得writing录像吗,我直接粘贴了当时都没想这个事情 现在有些后怕
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——Sherry 发表于 2021-1-18 13:25
请问楼主还记不记得writing录像吗,我直接粘贴了当时都没想这个事情 现在有些后怕 ...

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