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HKUST MBA 开放日: 项目宣讲&名师示范课堂 - 在线&香港(11/7)

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Technological advancement and breakthroughs reshape our world and the way we interact by days. We, the HKUST MBA, are the World No. 19 and Hong Kong No. 1 global program named by the Financial Times that anchors to 'Business meets Technology' and leads in the new reality.

Join us at our annual MBA Open House on Nov 7, 2020 (Sat). Learn more about our distinctive program features, get a taste of our world-class education and hear from our students & alumni all in one go. 

(The event format might change depend on social distancing measures in Hong Kong, participants might be required to fill out a travel & health declaration prior to physical event.)

Various estimates based on alternative data are becoming increasingly popular in financial markets. It is, however, unclear how good these estimates can be when it comes to forecasting large-scale, macroeconomic data. This is because unlike private entities, governments have the infrastructure to acquire information spanning entire populations, making them a unique source of macro data.

In this sample class, Prof. Abhiroop Mukherjee will explain how recent advances in satellite imagery can reduce this reliance on governments for key information.

名师示范课堂 | Alternative Data: Can Technology Make Us Less Reliant on Government Data? - 在线&香港 (11/7)

日期:2020 年 11 月 7 日(周六)
时间:15:00 - 16:30

  • 在线:Zoom 平台(活动前 24 小时邮件发送进入链接)
  • 面对面:香港科大商学院



Prof. Abhiroop Mukherjee

PhD, Yale University
Associate Professor, Department of Finance, HKUST
Areas of Expertise: Financial Institutions, Behavioral Finance

港科大 Part-time MBA 项目宣讲会 - 香港 (11/7)

日期:2020 年 11 月 7 日(周六)
时间:13:00 - 14:30



  • Get to Know HKUST MBA
  • Dialogue with Our Alumni: 3 Tips to Strategize Your Career in the VUCA Era

港科大 Full-time MBA 项目宣讲会 - 在线 (11/7)

日期:2020 年 11 月 7 日(周六)
时间:17:00 - 18:45
地点:Zoom 平台(活动前 24 小时邮件发送进入链接)



  • Get to Know HKUST MBA
  • Dialogue with Our Alumni & Students:
    The Guide To Developing A New Career Roadmap in the New Reality
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