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[面试经验] Rotman Morning & Evening MBA with Rummy [2020.07.21]

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昨天刚刚面试完,来回馈一下CD的朋友们。 Rummy好像是专门负责多大PT MBA的,很细心,从写Essay到面试给了很多建议,强烈推荐朋友们报学校之前听一下她的webinar。面试只有半个小时,题目也不多,我感觉她说的比我还多,问题也跟CD上的大同小异,祝大家顺利
1. Why MBA now, why the Rotman MBA?
2. Tell me about a time when you took the initiative and made a recommendation to your boss, how did it go?
3. Tell me about your working style, do you prefer working in a group or by yourself?
            What are the advantages of working in a group?
            What are the challenges?
4. How would you define success in the MBA?
5. Do you have any questions for me?

题目没有很难, 后边我问了一些关于课程设置的问题,她讲了一下next steps 就没了。
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