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[备考日记] 【揽瓜阁2.0】Day12 2020.06.26【自然科学-环境】

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  Day12 2020.06.26

Commonwealth nations to protect coral reefs with satellite technology
(810字 精读 必做篇)

Commonwealth countries are to gain free access to satellite technology that will help them monitor and protect their endangered coral reefs from threats such as climate breakdown, overfishing and pollution.

Commonwealth countries hold nearly half of the world’s remaining tropical coral reefs, with 47 out of the 54 member countries having a coastline. Nearly half of them are islands or groups of islands, which face particular threats from the climate crisis, and for whom coral reefs are often vital protections against storms as well as fish nurseries and tourist attractions.

“Whatever we do as a Commonwealth family will make a massive contribution to safeguarding the coral reefs that we are dependent on globally,” said Baroness Patricia Scotland, secretary general of the Commonwealth. “We feel this real responsibility around the world. The Commonwealth can change the trajectory of this crisis, if our members are willing to work together, and we will.”

Nearly all the reefs are at risk of extinction in the coming decades as the climate crisis takes hold, and nearly half of the world’s reefs have already been destroyed or badly damaged in the last 30 years owing to changes in the climate, overfishing, pollution and other exploitation. About 250 million people are directly dependent on coral reefs for their livelihoods.

The technology will use high-resolution satellite images and data analyses to allow marine scientists, government officials and policymakers to monitor the health of coral reefs and take the action needed to protect them. Software will be provided to countries free through the Commonwealth’s partnership with Vulcan Inc, a US-based group founded by Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Paul Allen, and a new interactive coral reef map will be hosted online at the Commonwealth Innovation Hub.

“[Countries] need data to know what they can do within their tight budgets,” Scotland told the Guardian in an interview. “Being able to share information will galvanise us.”

She said the climate and ecological crises, as well as the coronavirus pandemic, required urgent action, and the health of the oceans was a key part of the global ecosystem. “The world is saying to us, ‘I can’t breathe,’” she said. “When we stop [exploiting it], nature restores itself very rapidly. But we have not got a lot of time.”

The Commonwealth will open up a demonstration of the project on Monday, designated as World Oceans Day, as countries around the world seek to improve the management of their own waters and the high seas.

In the UK, the government on Monday published a review of ocean protections that has recommended setting up new highly protected marine areas, where fishing, dredging, oil drilling, construction and all other forms of exploitation would be banned.

The UK currently has a “blue belt” network of 355 marine protected areas, where activities such as fishing are restricted. The review, led by former fisheries minister Richard Benyon, would require these to be expanded with new zones where everything would be off limits, except for shipping moving through the area and non-damaging leisure activities such as scuba diving and kayaking.

Joan Edwards, director of marine conservation at the Wildlife Trusts, said letting stretches of sea return to their natural state could be a revelation, in allowing marine life to recover after decades of overexploitation. “Our seas are in an impoverished state, and it’s hard for our generation to comprehend how abundant our waters once were. Cod were once as long and wide as humans are tall, and whales, dolphins and basking sharks were many times more common than they are today,” she said. “We need to let the sea show us what it’s capable of.”

Today’s marine protected areas serve only to maintain basic protections against some of the most damaging activities, such as bottom trawling, according to campaigners, and the protections vary across locations.

Ministers have yet to respond to the Benyon review’s findings. Philip Evans, an oceans campaigner at Greenpeace UK, said: “It’s important that these recommendations not only become a reality, but grow in ambition to cover at least 30% of the UK’s waters by 2030, instead of sitting on ministers’ desks gathering dust.”

The government is currently locked in a battle with the EU over fishing rights after Brexit. British fishermen argue that they have been disadvantaged for decades by agreements reached when the UK was joining the EU in the 1970s that gave greater access rights to foreign vessels, with the result that the majority of the catch in some UK waters now goes to EU fleets. But as part of any Brexit deal, the EU wants to preserve access to British waters for its vessels, as the fishing fleets in several member states would suffer otherwise.

Campaigners are concerned that amid the squabbles, the pledges by both the EU and the UK to halt overfishing and abide by scientific advice on catch size will be lost.

Source: The Guardian

Partnering to Reduce Ocean Plastics
(284字 2分21秒 精听 必做篇)



PepsiCo 百事可乐公司
Procter & Gamble 宝洁公司
Dow 陶氏公司
Danone 达能集团
Unilever 联合利华公司
Coca-Cola 可口可乐公司

Indonesia 印度尼西亚
the Philippines 菲律宾
Sri Lanka 斯里兰卡
Vietnam 越南

An estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic pour into the oceans every year, amounting to the equivalent of one garbage truck every minute, USAID Counselor Chris Milligan told a crowd at the Wilson Center in Washington, D.C., this week.

“There are now five massive patches of floating garbage in the world’s oceans. We found microplastics in the Arctic Sea ice, at the most remote stretches of islands in the Pacific and in the deepest ocean trenches.”

Most ocean plastics comes from land-based sources, said Counselor Milligan:

“An enormous amount comes from cities in the developing world which cannot adequately manage their waste. This includes a number of cities in the rapidly urbanizing countries of South and Southeast Asia. … Ocean plastic waste is a global problem, but waste management is a local issue.”

That is why USAID has joined forces with Circulate Capital, a firm dedicated to incubating and financing companies and infrastructure that prevent ocean plastic pollution. The firm’s funding is backed by $100 million in commitments from numerous multinational corporations including PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble, Dow, Danone, Unilever, and Coca-Cola. In what is called a Blended Finance Agreement, USAID will provide Circulate Capital with a $35 million, 50 percent loan-portfolio guarantee.

This will help lessen risk for private investors and incentivize private capital investment and new business development in recycling, trash collection, and related businesses in Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. This program will create a new recycling market in these countries, making plastics too valuable to dump into the ocean.

“Our goal, said Counselor Milligan, “is to promote a partner’s self-reliance so that they can participate in the world economy as equals and join us in addressing global challenges.

Source: VOA




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揽瓜阁 Day 12
由于发展中国家城市化过程中,无法充分管理废弃物,大量垃圾倾倒海中引发海洋塑料污染。USAID联手Circulate Capital致力于为防止海洋塑料污染的公司和基础设施提供孵化和融资,试图发展废物回收利用业务,降低海洋污染。
Urbanize v 城市
Incubate 孵(卵); 孵化; 培养(细胞、细菌等); 有(传染病在体内)潜伏
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揽瓜阁 Day 12
精读 Commonwealth nations to protect coral reefs with satellite technology
一 文章大意
二 段落总结
  • 英联邦国家将要获得免费的卫星技术,用于保护濒危的珊瑚礁。
  • 54个英联邦国家中有47个拥有海域,所属的热带珊瑚礁占世界现存的一半,保护珊瑚礁对保护环境以及当地旅游十分重要。
  • 如果英联邦国家众志成城保护珊瑚礁,也会是对全球环境做出了巨大贡献。
  • 在接下来的几十年里,几乎所有珊瑚礁都会因为自然环境的变化和人类的不当行为造成严重损害甚至灭绝。
  • 卫星技术可以利用卫星图像和数据分析来监测珊瑚礁的生存状态来采取必要措施。
  • 数据分析和信息共享对于英联邦国家十分重要。
  • 气候和生态上的危机,是生态系统散发出人类要更快采取行动的讯号。
  • 英联邦国家将会进行项目演示。
  • 英国政府周一发表了一份关于海洋保护的评估报告,建议规范人类的海域行为。
  • 有官员建议,将英国拥有由355个海洋保护区组成的“蓝带”网络进一步扩大。
  • Joan Edwards建议,让海洋恢复以往的自然状态。
  • 当今的海洋保护区仅能为一些破坏性最大的活动提供基本保护,并且保护因地而异。
  • 海洋保护不仅仅要拥有雄心壮志,更重要的是采取实际行动。
  • 英国脱欧后,政府目前正与欧盟就捕鱼权展开斗争。
  • 此项运动的领导者担心,因为捕鱼权的斗争,欧盟和英国都会丢失之前的承诺:停止过度捕捞,遵守有关渔获量。
三 生词摘录
trajectory (射体在空中的) 轨道,弹道,轨迹
galvanise 激励;镀锌;通电流于
dredge疏浚; 清淤; 挖掘; 打捞; 采捞; 捞取; (用面粉、糖等) 撒,涂
revelation 被暴露的真相; 被曝光的秘闻; 披露; 揭露; (上帝的) 启示
squabble (为琐事) 争吵,发生口角
comprehend 理解; 领悟; 懂
四 句子摘抄
Nearly all the reefs are at risk of extinction in the coming decades as the climate crisis takes hold, and nearly half of the world’s reefs have already been destroyed or badly damaged in the last 30 years owing to changes in the climate, overfishing, pollution and other exploitation.
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day 12 打卡


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Day 12


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