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Ph.D in management选项 CityU, Tilburg

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Tilburg毕业留欧的可能性更大,我目前也希望毕业后能留欧。问题是去年系里的research master读完后都走了, 今年也就留了一个。面试老师说"some of their top research master students have other plans when they finish..."。有Tilburg的前辈告诉一下吗,是因为项目不好吗?

顺便问一下Imperial College和RSM的进度,有拿到management offer的吗?
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CityU's undergrad路过。

Our department of Mgt team is quite decent: there are nice seniors and a few good juniors (One of them joined us from Tilburg). Professors are very nice and supportive, collaboration environment is great.

There are three major drawbacks:(1) CityU, regardless of its great number of publications in UTD 24 journals, is always a second-tier in Hong Kong as a whole. Either in or outside Hong Kong, people appreciate top3 schools much more.
(2) As you mentioned, HK's political situation is without bright future aspects. See their state authorities' election last year.
(3) HK itself, is in Asia. Doing a PhD in Asia hardly leads to a decent job in Euro.

Tilburg is great previously, but their funding and endowment gets huge trouble these years. You should get more information about them through different channels.

Indeed I am not a mgt guy, so what I know is limited. Good luck
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City U management 大部分都是做微观的,宏观的老师很少,本身phd项目的人好像也不多,看楼主能不能跟自己理想的导师一起做吧......

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vote for tilburg. more prestigious in the world regarding to business academic
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