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[面试经验] BA面经 IC UCL UCI Emory

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IC [拒]
11.19材料齐, 12.20面试邀请, 两周时间准备面试, 随后某天拒信, 忘了时间了可能因为太难过了哈哈
Tell me about a time when you have had to keep yourself motivated during a difficult situation
What was the biggest challenge at school/work you had to take on that didn't end up the way that you hoped it would - explain the situation and how you dealt with it
Whist you have been studying, what personal things do you do alongside to keep you motivated?
[written] you met a recruiter from a company you'd like to work for at a career fair. In around 250 words, draft an appropriate follow-up email
Tell me about a big data news story that has interested you. What did you learn from it?

UCL [offer]
3.12更新 啊啊啊拿到offer啦啊啊啊啊啊

11.26材料齐, 2.10面试邀请(迷之操作时间), 2.17前完成面试 虽然知道说出来有点傻,但是拜托了啊我想要这个offer啊

What part of this programme will be the most challenging?
What are you best at? Why?
What activity as your greatest accomplishment?
How do you think data and analytics will change the business in the next 5 years?
What would you recommend others to read before this programme?
What company and what role would you like to work for after completing this programme?

可以搜 ucl ba 找面经~

UCI [已refer]
R3, 1.2X面试, 上周发了offer 具体题目有点忘了, 基本是以下这些
Walk me through your resume and highlight what you are really proud of?
How your previous experience will contribute to the teamwork?
How do you handle the conflict in teamwork?
Why ba?
How do you manage your time?
What's your career plan in short-term and long-term?

Emory [offer]
Walk me through your resume and why msba
Do you think in the consulting industry, they are going to invest more in data analysis and candidates in this area (我的工作是consulting)
How do you learn Python
What is your biggest achievement
Why not mba (我的工作经历也同时符合mba applicant的背景)
Have you talked to our graduates
因为聊的太多最后没什么时间了,就趁着Allison jump off前问了两个问题,最新的employment report和 case/fintech competition,Allison说新的一届毕业生average salary (~4k+) 和top salary (+35%) 都提高了,现在的在读学生也有很多已经找到工作了,很开心啊~另外case competition纯粹是optional的,所以看学生会不会有兴趣参加,有兴趣的话学校就会support


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UCL BA 10号同面,楼主加油
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