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熊二xx 发表于 2020-2-13 15:15

Drexel 網站上finance 的placement 跟其他field 合在一起展示, 很難搞清楚哪些是finance placement. 以下是finance placement 資訊供大家參考:

今年:Wayne state (has a JFE but didn’t want to try AFA)
2018: Villanova University (didn’t really go on the market, applied to about 5 schools. Had an R&R at RFS)
2017: QUT+ industry placement
2016:  Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, Indianapolis, St Joseph University (had to be in Philadelphia due to family reasons)

I only know some of the placements before 2016. They are as follows:
2015: University of Missouri- Columbia
2013: University of Waterloo
2012: Rutgers Business School, Camden
2010:  Cass Business School, City University Of London

I agree with placements are idiosyncratic. Also, there’s a lot of soft information about how faculty and PhD students interact with each other. I feel this private information can only be obtained  by talking to the current students.

As a side note, People at Drexel only do research in empirical corporate so if interested in say.. asset pricing, or to a lesser extent baking, do not come. You will be miserable and probably drop out (I seen this happen).

I hope the above information is useful!
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能去Kelly Missouri 和 rutgers 这placement很强啊
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熊二xx 发表于 2020-2-14 10:36
能去Kelly Missouri 和 rutgers 这placement很强啊

Rutgers 不是new Brunswick 而是camden 差了不是一個檔次。 Kelly 不是Bloomington 也有差(不過也不錯!)。 我倒是覺得近幾年的placement 有上升的趨勢。 Villanova and Wayne state 都是2:1。
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redsa12 发表于 2020-2-14 11:30


我覺得還是要看申請者知不知道自己想做哪方面的研究。 很少applicant 一開始就知道自己想做什麼方向的研究。即使知道讀了兩年可能也會有改變。像Baruch 和temple, corporate,asset pricing 和household 都有active 的老師 這對不確定要做啥研究的人就很有價值!這選擇的價值要考慮進去(不太看到有人提到這個,稍微提一下)。

當然絕大部分排名50名以內的學校通常各個領域都有人。對收到這些學校offer的人,選擇最好的學校應該是dominant strategy。

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