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[学校信息] 求好心人帮个忙,美国一年硕士再申请MBA需要托福么

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RT,中介和我说是需要托福的,但是也有人告诉我在美国拿到过学位是可以waive的,申请S16这种 到底需要托福成绩嘛,求好心人解答
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It's probably best to make a spreadsheet of the U.S. schools you are interested in and their TOEFL requirements, which can vary from school to school.  If you already have a great TOEFL score, you should submit it, as it probably won't hurt you (double check this on a school-by-school basis though). If you don't have a TOEFL score, and you are apprehensive about taking it because you are worried about how you might perform, then make sure your profile conforms to be the TOEFL waiver requirements for the particular schools to which you apply. The last thing you want to do is make your application ineligible since you didn't submit a TOEFL thinking that you didn't need to. The agent you spoke to is correct that some programs don't require you to take the TOEFL if you already have a U.S. masters or undergraduate degree, but you need to confirm that on a school-by-school basis.

Good luck,
Raj Patil
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