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[申请总结] ivey和smith选哪个。。。

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求问ivey的 international business+挪威商学院双学位 和 smith international business+essec management 双学位 选哪一个。。。
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Hey there,
Where do you want to be post-MBA? Both Ivey and Smith are Canadian schools, which would probably position you best for career in Canada post-MBA. Ivey is in London, Ontario while Smith is in Queens, Ontario, so the "Where do you want to be in Canada?" consideration is probably a wash since they are pretty close together geographically. Both of these schools are highly ranked (especially in Canada, if you are seeking to stay there), and usually ranked near each other in the important rankings.

The partner schools and what you want to study probably should inform your decision more than ranking of Ivy vs. Smith on a standalone basis (excluding tuition concerns). Essec is a higher ranked program than BI and it is stronger in Western Europe (esp. France), Asia and U.S than BI. That said, BI is still very strong and if you are interested in life in Norway some time in your life (or working for a Norwegian company) that might be a good fit for you. It's unclear from your question what you intend to study or do post-MBA. it's probably good to look at the schools exit employment stats by industry and geography to find the program that is best suited to get you where you want to go. Also, if you get a scholarship to one versus the other, that may help you make your decision. The best way to maximize your chances of scholarship are to put together the best possible application packages, with the highest standardized test scores and the most compelling essays.

Raj Patil
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RajPatil_Brown 发表于 2020-2-14 17:54
Hey there,
Where do you want to be post-MBA? Both Ivey and Smith are Canadian schools, which would p ...

WOW! Thank you so much! I never expect such an amazing answer... I will take those factors into my consideration~
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