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[录取汇报] 求择校定位

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Gmat660, 无托福
2+2, 国内211 GPA88,两年美本 GPA3.92
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Hey there,
Thank you for your candidate eval. We do a lot of candidate positioning analysis, but it's kind of hard to do that with your inquiry because we don't have much information besides grades and GMAT, which of course are important with regards to your candidacy, but definitely don't paint the whole picture from a strategic positioning standpoint.

Critically, strategic positioning includes aspects like leadership and agency at work, your immediate and long-term post-MBA career goals and how your prior success makes these goals imminent, leadership and passions outside of work like hobbies, volunteering, arts pursuits, etc.)  These are the details that make for memorable and unique essays, which are imperiative for you as a Chinese applicant coming from a very competitive demographic. In general, to have a shot at a school you want your GMAT and GPA information to be near or exceed the school's average.  If you are applying to "reach" schools (e.g., your scores are below the school's average), you'll need to have even more compelling stories of leadership, demostrated competience and ambition in your essays.

Good luck,
Raj Patil
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